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Debunked: Did Ezra Miller and Austin Butler get into a fight in Tokyo?

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Ezra Miller and Austin Butler



Ezra Miller has become the talk of the internet again after it was rumored that he and Austin Butler get into a fight in Japan.

According to TMZ, the speculations could not be further from the truth.

Here is everything you need to know.

Did Ezra Miller and Austin Butler get into a brawl?

Contrary to the rumors floating around the internet, Ezra Miller and Austin Butler did not engage in a physical conflict overseas.

The rumors surfaced on 28th June after a Twitter user claimed that Butler punched Miller after they got into a heated argument at a Tokyo pub. 

Furthermore, famous Twitter account Pop Crave and Instagram’s celebrity gossip reporter Deuxmoi shared similar stories on their respective pages on social media. This added a further spark to the fire.

Shortly after an alleged ‘eyewitness’ came forward to share that they saw the two celebrities engaging in a brawl.

The supposed onlooker said, ‘I don’t have any proof of this (my phone died) but I saw Austin Butler and #EzraMiller fight at a pub here in Tokyo.’


The bystander further claimed that the Elvis star was visiting the bar with his friends and girlfriend Kaia Gerber when Miller approached them and began a conversation.

They added that ‘after a while, Ezra started shouting.’

The person responsible for spreading the rumor alleged that they were unaware of the altercation between the two since ‘the pub was very loud.’

They continued, ‘Ezra then said something Austin was visibly unhappy about.’

The onlooker mentioned that the 30-year-old actor tried to punch Miller, who was ‘held back’ by two friends.

They alleged that after the fight Miller and company were kicked out before the cops were called.

Sources close to Austin Butler deny the rumors

According to a source, Austin Butler has never been to a bar in Tokyo.

They also confirmed that Butler never ran into the Flash star while he was promoting the film in Japan. Overall these are just baseless gossip.

Meanwhile, Miller is facing some troubles of their own. 


The 29-year-old actor reportedly abused two women physically and emotionally. 

One female claimed that Miller forced her to the ground and put her in a chokehold back in 2020.

In Hawaii, Miller has already been detained twice this year. In the second incident, he allegedly threw a chair at a woman.

The victim said, that it’s all a part of a cycle of ‘jet-set abuse.’


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