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Gunna spikes LaRopa’s sales after fans flood the place to buy the hoodie he wore in the RICO arrest mugshot

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Atlanta rapper Gunna remains behind the bars at the Fulton County Jail. However, there is one company that is reaping the benefits of his fashion choice following the rapper’s decision to turn himself in. 

TMZ has reported that several fans of Gunna are flooding outside the clothing company named LaRopa to look like their favorite rapper.

Here is everything you need to know.

Gunna unknowingly increases the sales of LaRopa after fans flock to the site to purchase the hoodie he wore in his mugshot

Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, was booked over racketeering charges on Wednesday in Fulton County. 

Although his mugshot was blurry, a few eagle-eyed followers of Gunna could not help but notice the logo on the hoodie he was sporting. It is a clothing brand called LaRopa.

According to TMZ, the day when Gunna’s mug shot was published, the clothing company saw an increase of 15% in sales for the $300 hoodie as compared to a regular day.

Photo: LaRopa

Additionally, the trend continued the next day when the sales jumped to a 24% increase for the clothing piece.

The outlet further reported that the ‘Pushing P’ artist does not have any ties with LaRopa. He just happened to be wearing the hoodie when he was arrested and during the mugshot.

Furthermore, he is not the only public figure to don LaRopa clothing. In the past celebrities such as Playboi Carti, Bella Hadid, and Erika Jayne were also spotted wearing the brand’s clothes. 

Rapper Young Thug also wore LaRopa. He is also locked up at Fulton County jail for his involvement on related counts.

Gunna arrested in Fulton County

On Wednesday, Gunna turned himself in to the Fulton County police. His arrest comes two days after Young Thug’s home was raided by the officials and the rapper was arrested. 

Both the musicians are booked under RICO charges in Fulton County, GA.


Gunna was arrested as part of an investigation for his alleged connection with a street gang that committed murders, shootings, and carjackings for nearly a decade.

The 88-page indictment filed on Monday in Georgia’s Fulton County lists multiple lyrics from Gunna’s music videos as evidence.

Both Gunna and Young thug are accused of promoting the reputation of the violent gang to strengthen its territory.

Gunna’s legal team however claims that he is innocent. They pointed out the many things he did for society. The rapper is reported to feed nearly 400 students per week.


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