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Bella Taylor Smith Boyfriend: Age, Dating, Net Worth & Career

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Bella Taylor Smith

Before knowing Bella Taylor Smith’s boyfriend, let’s know about Bella Taylor herself. She is a very talented Australian singer and songwriter. We all are very aware of this show called ‘The Voice Australia’. She became a part of this show in season 10th, in 2021. On the show,  everyone praised Bella for her beautiful voice, Bella Taylor Smith also won $100,000 on the show and signed a contract with EMI Music Australia. The singer’s teacher who is from Team Guy Sebastian turned emotional when the result was announced that she won and received price.

On 12th September 2021, she won the show and gained a lot of positivity. She believed in herself and in god, and with her talent, she became a star. Then, she posted a video on Instagram to show her reactions. She was thankful to her family, friends, and her coach who showed her the path. Initially, Bella couldn’t believe that she won, her first debut album was EP with EMI music. The closest friend of hers, Josh Cole gave a huge shout-out to her.

Bella Taylor Smith

Who is Bella Taylor Smith Dating?

Bella Taylor Smith has not said anything about her dating so far, but fans are guessing by Josh Cole and her stories that something is going on between them. Moreover, Taylor is working with a lot of men named Josh Cole. On Instagram stories, they share their covers and recording, they work together, she has done most of her covers with him.

When Taylor won the show, Cole was with him all the time and later he was found to be a music producer. Taylor thanked Cole by sharing a post, and caption About Cole. Since the very first day, Cole has been posting about his constant support towards her. He recently shared a picture in which they are working together. When Bella posted a picture with Cole and her sister Gaby, fans are guessing that she has finally found someone.

According to 2021, Bella is 23, she was born in Sydney, Australia in 1998. She holds the nationality of Australia. However, there is no real news about her birthday.

Bella Taylor Smith’ Net worth

The information about her Net Worth is confidential so far, but we can make a guess she must be earning well and living a healthy and happy life, after all, she is a singer and a winner of The Voice Australia.


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