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Future Has “Pray For Her” Trending After Social Media Spat With Brittni Mealy

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Future Has “Pray For Her”: Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is also known by his stage name Future. He was born on 20 November 1983. Future is an American rapper and singer. He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was involved as a part of the Dungeon Family. And at that time he got his nickname “The Future”.
Recently, one of his tweets is trending on social media that is for his wife Brittni Mealy. And the tweet is “Pray for her”.

The reason behind the tweet

Future has been called a so-called toxic king because of his relationships up and down and of course for his song lyrics. And Brittni Mealy who is a mother of Future’s son got the nasty back of Freebandz honcho. Tweet ending with “Pray For Her” and that has Twitter sounding in with thoughts. Meanwhile, Mealy shared text messages (now deleted) on the Instagram stories. In the text messages, it states that Future called her as “hoe” to their 8-year-old son.

Future Pray For Her

She felt very awful and simultaneously mad at him. Eventually, angered Mealy to post some more stories and messages against Future. And the stories are full of insults about his lifestyle, his way of talking. She also called him a narcissist among other choice words.

Subsequently when Mealy lashing out her anger and saying bad about him. The Future’s mother came in between and she stated that Mealy is saying disgusting about her son because she didn’t get her way. To defend her son Future’s mother took over Instagram, wanting people to pray for self-love. Furthermore, Brittni Mealy criticized her for the behavior of her son. And arguing that he has problems with all his baby mamas.

End tweet

A lot of tweets were going on between them, and against each other. After all, In reply to all of the back and forth, Future plainly tweeted “Pray For Her” to his Twitter account, and that was the end of it. But the tweet is viral to the next level.
Brittni, as a business holder of two fashion stores “Unicorn Universe” and “From Britt,” used the Future’s tweet for discount promo codes for her customers
Meanwhile Future’s baby momma, for the benefit of innovative marketing techniques using the tweet. And his fans are giving rise to it the next quote to be used amongst “bros.”
Because of this, memes have spread on Twitter, and users are using them as sarcastic jokes. Future has always come up with a savage response to everyone.

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