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Diddy Shares Cryptic Message Amid Ongoing Sexual Assault Allegations

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Diddy shares a cryptic message on Instagram amid ongoing sexual assault allegations, suggesting that time will reveal the truth.

Amid ongoing sexual assault allegations and legal battles, Diddy, the hip-hop mogul, has taken to Instagram to share a cryptic message. On Tuesday, he posted a brief message on his Instagram account, reading “Time Tells Truth,” accompanied by a simple caption saying, “love.”

This post comes in the midst of a legal saga surrounding Diddy, as he and two others are accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in a New York recording studio back in 2003. Recently, a federal judge was requested to dismiss the lawsuit, with the defendants arguing that the accusation was false and filed beyond the legal time limit.

This legal maneuver is just one of many responses from Diddy and his legal team, who have been facing multiple lawsuits and an ongoing criminal sex-trafficking investigation. In a recent filing, Diddy and his companies vehemently denied the allegations, asserting that the plaintiff’s claims have caused significant damage to their reputations and businesses.

According to court documents, the lawsuit was initially filed in December and later amended in March by a woman currently residing in Canada. While her identity was not disclosed, she alleged that in 2003, while she was in 11th grade at a high school in a Detroit suburb, Harve Pierre, then-president of Combs’ Bad Boy Entertainment record label, flew her to New York on a private jet. Upon arrival at a recording studio, she claimed she was given drugs and alcohol until she was unable to consent to sexual activity. The lawsuit further alleged that Pierre, Diddy, and an unidentified man took turns raping her.


The legal battle surrounding these allegations has been ongoing, with both sides presenting their arguments and evidence. However, Diddy’s recent Instagram post suggests a message of patience and faith in the truth prevailing over time.

As the legal proceedings continue, the public awaits further developments in this case. Diddy’s enigmatic social media posts serve as a reminder of the complexities and gravity of the situation, highlighting the importance of allowing the legal process to unfold before making judgments or conclusions.


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