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Fans Welcome Pokimane Back to Twitch After COVID-19 Battle

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On June 12, 2024, Twitch sensation Imane “Pokimane” revealed that she would be returning to livestreaming after a challenging week of fighting COVID-19. The Moroccan-Canadian influencer shared her experience on her community page on X, describing her recent health ordeal as “a treacherous battle.”

In her announcement, Pokimane shared her plans to catch up with viewers before diving into Valorant Custom Games at 3 pm PST, writing: “HI BIG HEADS!! im finally live after a treacherous battle with covid. catching up / reacts then valo customs at 3pm pst :))) see u on stream!”

Fans flooded her post with supportive messages, relieved to hear of her recovery. Many expressed happiness and promised to join her livestream, eager to watch her play Valorant Custom Games, particularly after missing the new map, Abyss.


Her announcement was met with an outpouring of support from fans who were thrilled to see her return. Messages flooded in with well-wishes and expressions of joy for her recovery. One fan wrote, “Glad ur ok poki ily,” while another commented, “I’m happy you are feeling better.” A particularly enthusiastic supporter added, “See you there big head!”

Excitement also brewed among her followers about her upcoming Valorant Customs gameplay, especially since she missed the launch of the game’s new map, Abyss. A fan eagerly commented, “Yippeeee customs.”

Pokimane had previously disclosed her COVID-19 diagnosis through an Instagram story, indicating that she would be resting until she felt better. She humorously shared her frustration with the virus, writing:

“Covid got me fcked up, I rly thought this shi expired or something come on now. Anyways I will be productive as soon as I can, until then I am not moving from this bed. Stay safe y’all.”


Pokimane is renowned as one of the leading female streamers in the gaming world. Earlier this year, she garnered significant attention when she presented at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, unveiling the new S24 line of smartphones. With over nine million followers on Twitch, her global fanbase was understandably worried when she announced her illness.

According to TwitchTracker, Pokimane ceased her regular broadcasts after June 6, 2024, making her upcoming livestream her first appearance on the platform in a week. Her return marks a significant moment for her community, eager to reconnect with their beloved streamer and enjoy her content once more.


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