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Fans React to Zara and Olivia’s Feud in Love Island’s Coming Episode

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Zara and Olivia

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A simmering tension grew between Olivia Hawkins and Zara Deniz. On Sunday, January 22, 2023, Love Island season 9 returns with a brand new episode. At Friday’s recoupling round, Zara stole Olivia’s partner Tom Clare, escalating the feud between the girls. It had been impossible for the two ladies to tolerate Tom speaking to one of them in front of the other since then. As a result, Olivia caused the most drama and complicated the situation the most. The latest episode was criticized by fans for creating drama because Olivia felt threatened by Zara.

Comments from users included: Get Olivia out of there! It’s obvious that Zara intimidates her. You need to get over yourself! There were many heated exchanges between Zara and Olivia on Sunday’s episode, which concluded with their heated discussion that is set to escalate in the following episode. Zara yelled at Olivia in a trailer for the upcoming episode, telling her to overcome her emotions. As a result, Olivia broke down in tears.

Love Island Fans React To Olivia Hawkins And Zara Deniz Feud And Call Olivia Childish And Annoying

In the latest episode of Love Island, Olivia Hawkins was believed to be acting like a child and creating unnecessary drama. Zara was not only going to be rattled by her talking to Tom in front of her, but she was also going to be annoyed by her claiming that their conversation was private. Additionally, Olivia Hawkins started crying after Zara fought back after Olivia Hawkins accused her of playing a game. According to one user, Olivia is actually behaving childishly… it annoys me to no end. On a preview of Olivia crying, someone said, Olivia… you’re crying because you’ve been told to grow up. Another user says Olivia seems like someone who is constantly blaming others for holding on to things that make her unhappy. Watching her is already exhausting. A feud between Olivia and Zara began the moment she entered the villa. They both work in the entertainment industry and are acquainted through their work. After Zara’s first day, the group played beer pong with the bombshell kissing the cheeks of the person she felt had two faces.


Originally, the game was intended to be a fun take on the contestants, but Olivia was not pleased when Zara picked Olivia Hawkins as the two-faced contestant. Their relationship soured after that incident, especially after Zara stole Olivia’s partner Tom during her recoupling. It was Olivia’s plan to annoy Zara and talk to Tom on January 22 of Love Island UK 2023. When Zara asked Olivia about the conversation, Olivia said it was “private.” She pointed out that she and Tom are partners, so she would like to know what they talked about. She smirked and reiterated her statement, stating that the conversation was private. Zara was rattled by that, so she mentioned that the truth will come out soon, to which Olivia replied that it was not about them and Tom. Zara was still insistent on knowing the topic. Since Zara was insistent on finding out the topic of conversation, Olivia asked whether Zara and Tom were married. A bombshell responded: I’m here to find someone, and right now, I’m seeing something. In other words, I’m here to find someone… He seems like the type of person I can see a future with, so yes. After that, Olivia poked fun at Zara by accusing her of playing games. Thereafter, the fight escalated, which will be addressed in the next episode.


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