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Fact Check: Was Jeffrey Dahmer in Stranger Things? TikTok Rumors

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Jeffrey Dahmer Stranger Things



The popular Netflix drama on Jeffrey Dahmer is seeking a lot of attention from all amid which now some on TikTok are saying Jeffrey was in Stranger Things. Well, that might sound weird but that’s what some of the netizens have been saying. But as Jeffrey Dahmer really in Stranger Things? Here’s what we know.

Read ahead to know about TikTok being convinced about having Jeffrey Dahmer in Stranger Things.

TikTok believes Jeffrey Dahmer was in Stranger Things

American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s story in the Netflix drama Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is grabbing a lot of attention as the drama is portraying the famous serial killer’s life in the series. However, it’s not the series on Dahmer that’s going viral on TikTok.

Recently, we saw some TikTok users sharing videos claiming Jeffrey Dahmer was in Stranger Things. As the latest season of Stranger Things saw a boy who looked exactly like the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. But is he really Dahmer in Stranger Things?


Was Jeffery Dahmer in Stranger Things?

A short video from the latest season of Stranger Things has been showing a boy in the background of the episode. The reason why TikTok was convinced with the boy was Jeffrey Dahmer was because he looked exactly like him. Meanwhile, the glasses of Dahmer that was on the boy’s face too in Stranger Things.

TikTok believed that Stranger Things was referring to Dahmer in it with that boy. But that can’t be the case as Dahmer had done his graduation back in 1978. While the timeline of Stranger Things was 1984. So, nothing is relatable. Further, the look of the boy is similar to Dahmer in Stranger Things because that was the fashion popular during those days. Hence, it couldn’t have been due to the serial killer.

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Dahmer -Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

No doubt, the infamous American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer created a lot of buzzes back when he murdered a lot of men. However, to create that same story of him on screen, the Netflix drama Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story made everyone curious to wait for it.

Well, as per BBC, the series on Dahmer is going popular among the viewers. As it stands in the no.1 position in several countries lately while viewers are looking forward to more of it.


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