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Explained: is Channing Tatum Dating Sandra Bullock in 2022?

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The Lost City co-stars Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum were rumored to be dating each other but is it really so? Well, here we’ll tell you if Sandra & Channing is dating or not and what’s brewing up between them lately. As the co-stars were busy promoting their movie starring Daniel Radcliffe with them. They recently spoke on how both Sandra & Channing met for the first time.

Read ahead to know more about Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum’s rumored dating.

Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum star in The Lost City

While both Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum are talented actors, the duo recently starred in the movie The Lost City. The movie directed by Aaron Nee & Adam Nee arrived in theatres on March 25th. As both were often spotted together promoting their movie, rumors had that the co-stars are dating each other.

Channing Tatum
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Well, Sandra Bullock is already divorced and shares two kids with her ex-husband. On the other hand, Channing Tatum too parted his ways from his wife in 2019. But are they really dating each other as the rumors suggest? We surely have its the answer for you.

Is Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum dating each other?

As both Sandra & Channing are certainly not connected to each other in any way but professionally. However, they recently were on a show as guest and they revealed how they met for the first time. In an interesting conversation on a show, both Channing & Sandra revealed how they first met at the Principal’s office of the duo’s daughter’s school.

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As both Laila ( Sandra’s daughter) & Everly ( Channing’s Daughter) studied at the same school. It was when the duo’s daughter fought with each other that the Principal called Sandra & Channing at the office. Well, that’s how the duo first met with one another. And yes, they are not dating each other.


Relationship status of Sandra & Channing

Both Channing & Sandra have reportedly moved on from their past relationship. However, Sandra ever since her divorce from her ex-husband, has been dating Bryan Randall. They both came into a relationship in the year 2015 and are still together.

Meanwhile, Channing too isn’t in his past relationship as he has been rumored to be dating Zoe Kravitz. Though both have never spoken about it publicly, sources report that they are in a relationship as they were spotted together too.


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