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What Happened to Trini Dave? Is he dead or Alive?

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Trini Dave

Speculation is rife on social media that Trini Dave, one of the most loved and famous TikTokers, was shot to death. However, reports have stated that these death rumors may be false and that the creator is alive.

But from the posts, it is seen on local social media pages that are saying the boy died after being shot. But the question that everyone is trying to answer is if he is alive or dead. Or if these death rumors are just true.

TikToker Trini Dave comes from Trinidad and Tobago and is a part of the rebellion

Before we can say much about him, we should know who Trini Dave is and why people are looking at him. Therefore, we want to inform you that Trini Dave is a TikTok creator from Trinidad and Tobago noted for his humorous short clips. 


People know him for his TikTok clips. He has been making music since 2016 and importing it to his Youtube channel and his first single was a video called “Dem Ah Come Check Remix” which included Jakal.

Over 35k views have already been logged on YouTube for Dave’s latest music video, “The Baddest Indian”. The song is also well-written. The video for his latest single, “The Baddest Indian,” has accumulated over 35K views on Youtube since it was released a year ago.

Other information about him, such as his real name and age, is yet to be revealed, but we are trying to find it.


Is Trini Dave really dead?

Since June 2021, he has gained over 780k likes on his account and over 41.3k followers on his account and he is also a Trinidad dancehall artist. 

Now comes the question of whether or not TikToker Trini Dave is dead or alive. We’ve been scrolling through numerous reports claiming that the well-known creator has been shot to death, however it appears to be all a hoax because no official announcement has been made that he was shot and died. 


Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated) programme at the School of Mass Communication, KIIT Deemed University, Bhubaneswar.

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