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Elliot Page Opens Up About the ‘Difficult’ Transition Journey in New Memoir ‘Pageboy’

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Elliot Page

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Despite a “difficult” transition, Elliot Page is grateful to be alive. A transgender campaigner and actor from ‘Juno,’ 36, who came out as transgender in 2020, added he had barely made it through his transformation and that he has been provided with a privilege most transgender people don’t experience. According to him, there have been some very difficult moments. My life has been a struggle in many ways. For now, I’m just me, grateful to be alive and taking one step at a time. There is a big difference between my experience as a trans person and the life I have, along with the privilege I have, and the lives most trans people live.

According to him, sharing his story can help stop discrimination and help people going through similar transformations as he did: I believe it is important, we need to feel represented and see ourselves, which I didn’t have growing up. As a matter of fact, transgender people are disproportionately unemployed and homeless. Women of colour who identify as trans are being murdered. There are people who are losing their healthcare or are unable to access it. Earlier this month, Elliott shared a topless photo of his scars from gender reassignment surgery to celebrate “transjoy”. After coming out as a trans man in 2020, the Oscar nominee posted an image on Instagram showing him shirtless on a rooftop and explaining how warmer months used to be a challenge.


After Going Through A Transition Journey, Elliot Page Is Thankful To Be Alive

Elliot Page feels “grateful” that he is alive after such a “difficult” transition journey. During an interview with People, the actor, who came out as transgender in 2020, talked about his upcoming memoir, Pageboy, which will cover everything from mental health to relationships to sex. As the “Juno” star told the outlet, there have been many challenging moments. My life seems to have barely gotten by in many aspects. Today, I’m just me, grateful just to live. I’m taking each day as it comes. Despite the stress of transitioning in the public eye, Page acknowledged that most transgender people face even greater hardships. In his view, the 36-year-old’s experience as a trans person, as well as the privilege he enjoys, does not reflect the reality of most trans people. Page knows his story is unique, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth sharing. As a kid, I didn’t feel represented and saw myself much, you know, this is something I don’t have now, he said about the importance of LGBTQ+ visibility. As a matter of fact, trans people experience disproportionately high rates of unemployment and homelessness. Women of colour who identify as trans are being murdered in large numbers. Thousands of people are losing their healthcare or are unable to access it.

He had debated writing a book for years but decided now was the right time due to the current political climate. It felt like the right time during this period of not only hate but also misinformation and blatant lies about the lives and health of LGTBQ+ people.” the Oscar-nominated actor explained. It is so common for trans and queer stories to be picked apart, or worse, universalized. Recently, the “Umbrella Academy” actor discussed his experience with gender dysphoria, admitting that he feels better than ever. A shirtless selfie he posted earlier this month on Instagram was captioned, “Dysphoria used to be rife in the summer.”. The sweat was endless, I kept looking down, constantly adjusting my oversized T. My body feels so good now, I never thought I would have this kind of experience. Looking forward to sharing more about my journey with you soon, I am so grateful for gender-affirming care. It’s #transjoy time. A mere three months after coming out as a trans man, the actor disclosed he had undergone breast tissue removal surgery. Time magazine quoted him as saying it had completely changed his life. He explained that the operation did not define being trans, but it enabled him to recognize himself in the mirror – and to feel confident about it.


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