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Eliza Hutton, Brandon Lee’s Fiancée Speaks Out on Rust Incident, 28 Years After Brandon’s Death

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Eliza Hutton and Brandon

Eliza Hutton, Brandon Lee’s fiancée, breaks silence after 28 years on the incident that happened on the sets of “Rust.”

What is Eliza Hutton’ reaction to the incident?

Eliza Hutton broke her silence after 28 years and said, “It is time to check the alternatives of the real gun on the set.” The reaction came after the incident that took place on the sets of “Rust.”

The incident that took place recently caused the death of Halyna Hutchins due to accidental firing. Eliza Hutton, the fiancée of Brandon Lee, breaks her silence after 28 years for the first time after her fiancée died in a similar accident on the set of the film “The Crow.” Brandon Lee was 28 years aged when he departed in a similar happening in March of 1993.

Eliza, in her exclusive interview, said, “It is yet again an avoidable tragedy. This same incident happened 28 years ago. I was sad to lose the love of my life senselessly. My heart is again aching to think about Halyna Hutchin’s husband and her family. It is again a senseless, tragic loss.”


She added, “It is time to change the alternative of the real guns on the sets.”

Eliza Hutton and Brandon

Eliza posted the Instagram picture with her fiancée during her engagement ceremony in 1992 in Venice, Italy. She captioned that Instagram picture, “There is no such thing as a prop gun.”

Eliza Hutton planned to have a wedding with her fiancée after Lee’s production wrapped up in “The Crow.” However, Brandon Lee died in a tragic incident on the last day of the set. He died after the accident firing from the real gun loaded with real bullets.

Brandon Lee’s sister also shared their reaction after the death of Halyna Hutchins, “Our hearts go to the family of Halyna and Joel Souza. A gun should kill no one on a film set. Ban real guns on set. Period.”

It is a crucial point for all the people to come forward and take all the safety necessities on the film sets.

Updates on the “Rust” movie set incident

After the shocking death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, petitions have been launched to ban real guns on film and television productions. Many prominent celebrities signed this petition.

The petition was created by the director Bandar Albuliwi. Bandar said, “Halyna was a talented cinematographer. She was an excellent friend of mine, and her life was valuable. Her death was a tragic loss to the industry. We are living in the 21st century. It is not at all necessary to use real guns on the sets. It is better to change now. Otherwise, we can lose many beautiful and talented lives due to tragic losses.”

The petition required 35,000 signatures. It is time to change the safety and security on the set.


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