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Drake Sparks Controversy Shooting Fake Gunfire at Travis Scott Prop During Performance

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Drake has stirred controversy after a video surfaced online showing him shooting fake gunfire at an inflated Travis Scott head during a recent performance. The incident occurred during an energetic rendition of Scott’s track “Meltdown,” prompting speculation among fans about the underlying reasons behind Drake’s actions.

While some interpreted Drake’s gesture as a response to rumored tensions between him and Travis Scott, particularly regarding Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Like That,” others pointed out that this was a recurring element of Drake’s performances on his It’s All a Blur Tour – Big as the What?

Despite the recurring nature of the act, conjecture persists about potential friction between Drake and La Flame. Recent footage surfaced of Travis Scott advocating for Future and Metro Boomin to debut Kendrick Lamar’s alleged Drake diss during their Rolling Loud California

performance. Although only a snippet of the track was played, it reignited speculation about a possible rift between Travis Scott and Drake.

Adding fuel to the fire, rumors circulated about Kendrick Lamar having a fully prepared diss track aimed at Drake. Streamer Adin Ross claimed insider knowledge on the situation, suggesting that Kendrick was ready to escalate tensions in the hip-hop community.

While J. Cole has remained silent on the matter, Drake has subtly addressed his adversaries through cryptic messages, such as expressing readiness for conflict on Instagram.

The incident involving Drake’s use of fake gunfire at a Travis Scott prop underscores the complex dynamics within the rap industry, where rivalries and tensions often fuel speculation and controversy. As fans dissect the nuances of these interactions, the broader context of artistic expression and personal relationships adds layers to the ongoing narrative.


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