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50 Cent Stays Committed to Trolling Stevie J Amid Allegations

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As Diddy faces mounting challenges, one individual seems to be reveling in the chaos: 50 Cent. For months, the rapper-turned-entrepreneur has been relentlessly targeting the rap mogul on social media, sharing any negative stories he can unearth about Diddy. His barrage of posts about Diddy, which began with the Cassie lawsuit revelation last year, shows no signs of slowing down. And now, even other figures drawn into Diddy’s sphere, like Stevie J, are not spared from 50 Cent’s trolling.

Stevie J found himself embroiled in controversy after facing accusations of being gay, stemming from a lawsuit filed against Diddy by producer Lil Rod. These allegations also implicated Meek Mill, prompting strong reactions from both Stevie J and Meek Mill, who vehemently denied the claims. Stevie J publicly refuted the accusations and even went as far as threatening to confront 50 Cent for perpetuating them. However, 50 Cent remains undeterred, as evidenced by his recent Instagram post

featuring various video titles and headlines about Stevie J, insinuating that there may be more truth to the rumors than Stevie J admits.

Despite his active social media presence, 50 Cent continues to pursue his music career. Recently, he was announced as a last-minute addition to the lineup for J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival, stepping in after Chris Brown withdrew from the event for undisclosed reasons.

However, 50 Cent also faces potential legal challenges on the horizon. A new motion has been filed in an existing lawsuit, seeking to prevent him from promoting the upcoming spinoff series of Power.

The question remains: What drives 50 Cent to persist in targeting Stevie J over these alleged rumors? And will Stevie J’s threats of confrontation ever materialize? As opinions vary, the comment section awaits your thoughts on this ongoing saga.


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