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Dr. Andreas Noack, Who Found Graphene Oxide in The Vaccines is Dead: How Did He Die?

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Dr. Andreas Noack

German Doctor and whistle-blower Doctor Andreas Noack better known for his work on the COVID19 Vaccine and its negative effects on human health was found dead a few days after his video explaining the harms that the vaccine causes in the body was uploaded.

Who Was Dr Andreas Noack?

Noack was a German Doctor and Whistle-blower who discovered that the Vaccine was harmful to our body as it contains graphene oxide that can incredibly damage the human body on the inside. He also posted a video on YouTube about his discovery but mysteriously died just hours after uploading Part 1 of 4 of the video.

Dr. Andreas Noack

How Did Noack Die?

Even though no one knows the exact reason behind Noack’s mysterious death, his wife posted a 4 minute YouTube video talking about the events that went down before Noack’s death.


In the video, she says that Andreas was brutally attacked and killed by German Police who came to their house.

She also went on to say,” All information is out there. We know everything we have to know. I need all of you now… It is now time for action. It is now time to believe. We have to implement his plan now. We have nothing more to lose. It is about all of humanity. He did it for you. He died for you. He was not afraid of death, he accepted the possibility. It’s horrible that it had to happen this way. It wasn’t the plan for him to leave us this quickly. As I said, assume the enemy’s energy. We must use this energy now. Turn it against them. Use it for us. I need you guys now. I can’t do it alone. Please get going.”


But even now, not much is known about the case as of yet but we will be on our toes to keep you updated.


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