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Debunking Viral Claim: Burger King’s ‘Pride Whopper’ Commercial This Year?

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Ahead of Pride month, controversies are already on the rise as now a Pride-themed Burger King ad has made social media go abuzz. An ad by Burger King for “Pride Whopper” has been going viral and netizens are criticizing the same. But before you actually believe Burger King has actually something for this Pride month in store. Here’s everything to know.

Read ahead to know more about Pride themed Burger King ad going viral on the internet making it face backlash.

Pride Whopper ad by Burger King goes viral on social media

In June we are going to have Pride month this year like every time. But before actually the month is set to celebrate Pride Month. There have been controversies on the rise connecting to it. While various companies are facing backlash over their Pride campaign. Burger King isn’t left out too.

A Pride-themed ad by Burger King has caught the attention of all on social media. Where the ad was about Pride Whopper. Right-wing conservatives have already given their reaction on the same. But is Burger King really having Pride Whopper for this Pride month?

Is Burger King having any Pride-themed ad in 2023?

Previously retail giant Target came up with its Pride merchandise in the stores. Which faced backlash on social media and from customers in the store as well. Target in fact had to take down some of its products of Pride merchandise due to the protests.

Meanwhile, now netizens have come across Burger King ad with a Pride theme and it’s facing backlash too. But before you believe that Burger King has come up with a new Pride-themed ad for this year. The truth is no. The viral ad on social media by Burger King is actually an ad from the year 2022.

The 2022 ad of Burger King on Pride theme faced backlash on social media

Back in the year 2022, Burger King Austria came up with an ad to celebrate Pride month. As it shared a post about Pride Whopper on its Instagram along with the hashtag #TimeToBeProud. To elaborate more they wrote “May we introduce? The Pride WHOPPER. With two matching buns for equal love and equal rights”.


However, Burger King Austria’s Pride ad faced backlash on social media. The ad agency behind the whole campaign had to even come up with an apology later on the same. Although, for this year Burger King has surely not come with any Pride-themed ad so far.


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