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DaBaby Pledges Sobriety: Vows to Quit Drinking After ‘Embarrassing’ Incident in Front of Daughter

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Rapper DaBaby has promised to stay sober permanently, and the reason behind his decision is his daughter. In a recent social media post, DaBaby talked about quitting the habit of drinking and shared why he made this decision. In fact, vowing over the same decision, he even said he would fight anybody who offers him a drink.

Read on to learn more about rapper DaBaby’s vow to quit drinking after getting embarrassed in front of his daughter.

Rapper DaBaby promises to give up drinking

Rappers usually adopt a lifestyle that often includes habits like drinking and smoking, despite being aware of the health risks. Rapper DaBaby, too, has had a habit of drinking, but it seems like he is now determined to give it up.

On his recent Instagram post, the rapper shared his commitment to quit drinking and become completely sober. In his post, he wrote, “I don’t drink no more,” while also mentioning that he is currently on bed rest as part of his journey to sobriety. He also revealed the reason behind his decision to give up drinking.


More about DaBaby giving up drinking

In his Instagram post he shared, “Don’t try to give me no bottles, don’t try to offer me no shot, don’t do none of that. You offer me a drink from this point forward, I’m stealing the f### out. It’s as simple as that”.

He further added, “We gone get to hitting immediately, so you better not be drunk ’cause I’m going to be sober. I’m stealing off sober”. The rapper even went on to share the reason behind his decision to quit drinking and that’s none other but his own daughter.

Rapper DaBaby shares the reason behind quitting drinking

While stating that the reason behind quitting drinking was an embarrassing moment with his daughter, he wrote on his social media post, “Throwing up in my Maybach, getting out of the car with my pants halfway down. What the f### wrong with me?”.

He added talking about his daughter “I’m throwing up she beside me in her car seat talking ’bout some “Good job””. The rapper then said “I’m fighting for my life in that back seat and my baby talking about “good job”. Man, it’s embarassing, in front of my baby. I don’t drink no more”.


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