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Chelsea’s Nicolas Jackson Faces Backlash as OnlyFans Star Astrid Wett Exposes Request for Explicit Content

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Nicholas Jackson and Astrid Wett

Chelsea FC/Getty Images | Instagram@wettastrid


Nicolas Jackson, the Chelsea FC striker, has been facing backlash on social media after Chelsea supporter and OnlyFans star Astrid Wett claimed that the former asked for content from her. Jackson has been a valuable player for the Chelsea team. However, the recent claims about him have certainly brought him into the spotlight for something unexpected.

Read ahead to know more about Nicolas Jackson faces backlash for asking content from OnlyFans star Astrid Wett.

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett claims Nicolas Jackson asked her for content

Nicolas Jackson, the popular Chelsea FC striker, has been going viral on the internet, and it’s not for his game this time. An OnlyFans star and Chelsea supporter, Astrid Wett, has made some claims about Jackson that have created a buzz.

According to reports, Astrid Wett recently shared her conversation with Jackson in a car, and it has gone viral all over the internet. In the conversation, the Chelsea striker was asking for pictures of the OnlyFans star.

More about the conversation of Nicolas Jackson with Astrid Wett

In the viral conversation between the two, Wett begins by saying to Nicolas, “I thought I’d be nice to chat; we’ve only been chatting in text.” In response, Nicolas says, “I mean, I want you to send me something, but you’re not sending me anything.”

Though eventually, Wett told Nicolas that she’s in the car and even said, “Maybe if you win on Sunday, I’ll send you a little something.” She said this after Nicolas had said, “Only if you want, if you don’t, that’s fine.” However, this has made netizens react to the situation.

Netizens reacts to Nicolas Jackson asking for content from OnlyFans star Astrid Wett

The viral conversation between Jackson and Wett hasn’t been well-received by anyone, as netizens have been reacting to it. Many of them even went on to slam the Chelsea striker for asking for content from the OnlyFans star, Astrid Wett.


A user on social media wrote that the whole thing was actually embarrassing. Others highlighted the fact that he is married and has a child. Some netizens even claimed that Jackson has a secret child with Wett, as he shared a picture of a newborn on his Instagram. However, he denied the baby being his.


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