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Crystal Pepsi is Organising A Twitter Contest For Its 30th Anniversary Celebration, How To Participate?

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crystal Pepsi

People must remember the crystal Pepsi, as it was popular in the stores, in the early 90s. For those who do not know about crystal Pepsi, we will let you know what it was. Pepsi launched its clear soda in the year 1992, but later the company stopped manufacturing it, in the year 1994.

This year i.e., in 2022, crystal Pepsi is celebrating its 30th anniversary and finally, it is ready to set another comeback in the market. But, you should not expect crystal Pepsi to get available in your nearest stores.

Pepsi is creating a limited stock of clear soda for its contest on Twitter. They will offer it to the lucky contestants Who Will Win the contest. According to the rule of this contest, organized by crystal Pepsi, declared on Tuesday, you have to send your picture from the 90s to participate.

The Comeback of Crystal Pepsi

Recently the vice president of the marketing team of Pepsi, Todd Kaplan, talked about Crystal Pepsi’s comeback. He said, “since 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of crystal Pepsi, we want to do something extra special to celebrate and reward the passionate fans who have been clamoring online for its return.”

On Tuesday, Pepsi announced the details of this contest and offered limited cola by posting a tweet. The chances of winning the contest are till 9:00 AM on Thursday. Only a few contestants will get the opportunity to taste the classic flavor of crystal Pepsi.

crystal Pepsi

As per sources, a total of 300 contestants will win the contest and receive crystal Pepsi from the company’s side. All the winners will get six 20-ounce bottles of Cola.

You must know that crystal Pepsi has made several comebacks in the past and it is not the first time it is offering crystal Pepsi to the winners of the contests. As per sources, in the year 2015, the company sent 13,000 six-packs in a sweepstake. Whereas in 2016, this flavor of soda was made available in the stores for sale for around eight weeks.

Last year, in May 2021, a new flavor of blueberry soda was sold in limited numbers in the stores, by Pepsi Blue.

How To Purchase and Participate?

The official tweet related to the crystal Pepsi contest was posted by Pepsi on Twitter. It says, “Strap on your fanny packs, your fave 90s drink is turning 30! Post a picture of you from the 90s using #ShowUsYour90s + #PepsiSweepstakes for a chance to be 1 of 300 to win crystal Pepsi. No purchase. Nec. Ends 1/6/22 at 9:00 AM. 50US/DC res only, 18+ (19+ in AL/NE). Not Avail. Retail”


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