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Covid Cases In California Rises Again Here’s Why

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In California, the Covid 19 positivity rate started to rise again just like in 2020. In the last two weeks, almost Corona Virus cases increased by over 141% in San Francisco. Although it has a 70% vaccinated population which is one of the best among the big cities.

Despite the fact that the vaccinated population in California was about 53%. Still, it was not enough to prevent the spread of the Delta variant.

Reasons behind the spread of Covid 19 in California

Well, the sudden rise of cases in California was totally expected because of its inappropriate behaviour towards Covid prevention. The restrictions in the state were relaxed. Thus, people started to socialize just like in the old days.


This irresponsible behavior i.e. No Social Distancing and ignoring masks is the main cause of spread. Andrew Noymer, a public health professor at the University of California said, “Delta is a lightning strike and loosening restriction is the wind.”

Whereas, Dr.Kristen Bibbins-Domingo called the Delta variant a “game-changer”. He further added that this Variant is so contagious that the cases have increased very fast. To fight against this Variant, we need to increase the vaccination rate to get 95% of the population vaccinated.


However, fully vaccinated people are at lower risk. There are fewer chances for them to get hospitalized. According to the data of the CDC, 97% of the people hospitalized are unvaccinated.

From here we can infer that with high vaccination rates, the cases of hospitalization will automatically reduce.

Preventive Measures

Th is Delta variant is extremely contagious and can even infect fully vaccinated people. Although, chances would be less and it wouldn’t be dangerous. But still, you will have to follow some precautions.


The precautions are simple. At first, Follow social distancing rules. Also, avoid public gatherings especially indoors like restaurants. The second is very important i.e. to wear masks. Masks prevent to spread of the virus to a great extent.

It is very important to follow these measures. If we will follow them now, we can together stop the spread of this virus. It’s high time to be responsible otherwise neither these waves nor these variants will stop.

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I am Pallavi Dixit from Kaithal, Haryana. I have completed my schooling from DPS Kaithal and am now pursuing BA (Hons) in Political Science from SGTB Khalsa College

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