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Contestants get injured at MrBeast’s recent competition stunt

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MrBeast is famous for collaborating with various celebrities, giving a ton of cash as well as even hosting wild competitions. However, his latest competition took a wild turn which led to several contestants sustaining injuries.

Here is everything you need to know.

MrBeast’s competition injures multiple contestants

MrBeast bought a plot of land in North Carolina recently. Moreover, it came along with a studio as well as a house which serves as the perfect place to create content.

Nevertheless, sources who are close to MrBeast reported that he recently hosted a competition that is styled like the Olympics. In addition, it included contestants from countries around the globe. 

As per reports, the competition also consisted of a running event which had hurdles and obstacles. 

But at some point, the competition reportedly turned too intense and possibly dangerous for the participants. Hence, it led to several athletes suffering from injuries.

Besides that, a representative for MrBeast talked to TMZ to address the incident.

They said, ‘MrBeast was working on an upcoming video with athletic challenges, and there were three minor medical issues out of almost 200 participants.’

They continued, ‘Medical personnel attended to the people immediately and released them shortly after.’

MrBeast’s recent video becomes the 2nd most watched in 24 hours on YouTube

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, recently shared a new video, titled ‘$1 vs $1,000,000,000 Yacht’ that managed to earn 47 million views in 24 hours.

Furthermore, it also became the second most-watched YouTube video in history within the time frame.

Additionally, in the video, we can see the 25-year-old influencers comparing sinking boats that cost one dollar to different sorts of luxurious boats including a billion-dollar yacht.

Meanwhile, Thomas ‘Sykkuno,’ a gaming streamer on YouTube took to his channel on the platform to express his take on MrBeast’s latest video.


He said, ‘Did you guys watch the MrBeast yacht video? That was deranged. I’m just going to say. It was absolutely deranged.’

He continued, ‘Also, I’m going to say, yachts are more expensive than I thought, after seeing that video.’

The former Twitch streamer mentioned, ‘The million-dollar yacht was bad! It was literally bad! It didn’t even look enjoyable. And I’m like, ‘Dang!’ Like, you can’t stand up in your room. It’s scuffed.’

He stated, ‘Look, like, I mean, it was nice. But it was, like, for a million dollars, I expected more. Did anyone else think that?’


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