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Chris Pearson, Former ‘Ex on the Beach’ Star Dies at 25: Here’s The Reason How

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Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson, a previous competitor on MTV’s Ex on the Beach, died on Sunday in L.a. after already being stabbed.

Pearson’s demise has been verified by his family in a GoFundMe fundraiser to cover his help cover the cost.

He was suffering stab wounds about 2 a.m. in the 22100 block of Erwin Street. According to a Los Angeles Police spokesman. He was taken to a nearby doctor where he has been declared dead.

Before that same stabbing, Pearson, 25, was “engage in a vocal dispute with the accused,”. According to authorities. The attacker was not describe in any way. The accused is believe to have gone “to an undisclosed place,” according to police.

Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson Family on his Demise

Chris Pearson’s family members praised him as “only one person that loves with his full heart” in a post on that GoFundMe page.

“He just had more compassion and enthusiasm to share with everyone he came into contact with. He would not really walk out of the room before he was certain that everyone was in delight. “Veronica Garcia, the event’s organizer, wrote: “Chris was perhaps the most driven individual I’d ever met. He had a desire, established a purpose for himself, and didn’t seem to stop until he accomplished it.”


Garcia went on to say, “He makes sure he remembers his focus solely on a single goal one and objective solely,  despite whatever and who he sacrificed along the road. His grin brightened the entire place. His family and friends were the only things he valued something beyond his music. Chris only wants to go far in life so he could support his parents and make everyone happy. Chris was tragically stolen from all of us much too early. No one was certainly prepared for all of this; he had far more on his to-do list.” Moreover, Pearson first appeared on television in the inaugural season of Ex on the Beach in the United States, which broadcast from April to June 2018.

On Monday, Ex on the Beach paid tribute to Pearson also on the program’s official Twitter account.

Chris Pearson

Further Updates on Chris Pearson Case

Upon that program, two of his exes have been called further to face Chris Pearson, who comes across as a party animal but then also became sensitive, that is the entire novelty of the tv series. On the video, he’s weeping for one of his ex-girlfriends.
He featured in all 11 episodes and delivered some of the finest drama on the show. Since his time on ‘Ex,’ he has proceeded on to have a successful musical profession. Chris’s death was addressed by another one of his colleagues MTV stars

. Taylor Selfridge of ‘Teen Mom’ left a remark on his most recent Instagram image. emoticons with sorrowful faces and praying palms Others have made identical remarks.
According to reports, authorities are looking into the incident and have some clues. It’s “possible to solve the crime,” according to our police officials.


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