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Cardi B Shares on Instagram, Photo of Her New House in New York City

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Cardi B

Cardi B has some exciting information to share. The 29-year-old rapper announced on Instagram on Tuesday that she had acquired a property in New York City. She shared a photograph of herself posing in the entryway with her arms raised to commemorate the occasion.

The picture shows the new house, which is currently unoccupied. Two parallel stairways go to the second floor from the entrance. The wall paneling and mild wood flooring contrast well with the black stairway rails and doorways.
Cardi wrote in the caption of the picture, “nowadays I often do not stay one location, I’m traveling owing to my profession.” “One fact was certain: I craved a house in my hometown of New York! I’m quite pleased with myself. I strive very hard to ensure that my kids are comfy wherever they are, irrespective of our occupation.”

She went on to say that both she and her hubby, Offset, would have always desired to live in New York. The pair also has properties in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

“Now that I have a house in New York, I can host relative get-togethers all the time!!” she ended. “I’ve done a lot, but I still don’t feel like I’ve achieved all of my objectives. This really is one fantasy I can put behind me….. Please let me know if you’d like a tour!”

Cardi and Offset have 2 kids: Kulture Kiari, who is three years old, and a two-month-old baby, whose name couple have still not been revealed.

Cardi B And Offset’s residence

The couple has indeed been increasing their real estate investments globally in addition to their three properties in the U.s. Offset had acquired a home in honor of her previous birthday, the “WAP” artist said in October.


“My darling,” Cardi captioned a video tour of her newest premises on Instagram.
“I’ve spent so long having to tell Set for a quick minute nowadays that I would really like to purchase in short-term household rental apartments in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean nations because people take a holiday there all year,” she proceeded, “but I started to feel like he won’t comply with me but would rather invest cash into some other investment opportunities.” “Well, I guess I was mistaken.”

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi and Offset, who married in September 2017, are renowned for lavishly showering each other with presents on major anniversaries.

Offset surprised Cardi’s 28th birthday last year on a massive billboard that said, “Mommy, have a wonderful birthday. Kulture, I love you.” Cardi stunned Offset with a golden Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for his 29th birthday a few months ago.

Moreover, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Offset decorated their residence with thousands of flowers and decorations.


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