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Brendan Langley Arrested after he Beats Up United Airlines Employee in Bloody Brawl at Newark Airport

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Brendan Langley

Recently at Newark, a United Airlines employee and the ex NFL player Brendan Langley were seen brawling in viral footage. The incident took place last week. The footage of which is circulating on the internet creating a buzz everywhere. But what exactly happened between Langley and the United Airlines employee?

Read ahead to know more about ex NFL player in a brawl with a United Airlines employee.

Brawl between United Airlines employee and ex NFL player reported

According to the reports in Daily Mail, the incident brawl between ex NFL player Brendan Langley and a United Airlines employee took place at the bag drop desk of the airline. It happened on May 19 at the Newark Airport, New Jersey.

While the name of the United Airlines employee involved in the brawl hasn’t come out yet. In fact, after the incident was out in reports, Langley was arrested for involving in the brawl on May 19th. Meanwhile, the reports said that the United Airlines employee was later in the hospital over some injury. However, the port authority didn’t charge their employee.


Footage of the brawl between Brendan Langley and United Airlines employee going viral

While the internet has been swirling with the footage of a brawl between United Airlines employee and Brendan Langley. It didn’t reveal how the fight began. In fact, it did show that the airport employee involved in the brawl was the first to punch Brendan. Which is visible in the viral footage.

As there has been fighting from both sides. However, during the incident, other airport employees too tried to stop the brawl. Yet it didn’t stop unless the airport police came. Meanwhile, the airport authorities in their statement said that they are looking into the matter. Also, they said that they don’t tolerate violence in any form.


What happened to the United Airlines employee involved in the brawl?

As airport authorities haven’t named the employee who was in this incident. However, it is in reports that after this incident the employee is no longer working there.

Yet it seems like they have not charged him with anything so far. Meanwhile, after this incident, Langley was in arrest. As his videos at the Newark airport are going all viral. Further, there have been no other updates on it so far.


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