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Beyonce’s Grammys 2023 Lateness Causes Hilarious Memefest Online

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Grammys 2023

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It was a much-awaited event for all the music artists as they were to attend the Grammys 2023 however Beyonce was late for it. Well, as Beyonce was nominated at Grammy Awards 2023, she was late to mark her presence at the Grammys. This has made all the netizens react the same with memes. But why was Beyonce late for Grammys 2023?

Read ahead to know more about Beyonce’s late attending Grammys 2023 makes netizens hilariously react on the same.

Beyonce nominations at the Grammy Awards 2023

Grammy Awards 2023 took place on 5th Feb 2023 at the Arena. Which was one of the much-awaited events of this year. The event was hosted by Trevor Noah with all the music icons lighting up the show. Beyonce was one of the nominated singer at the event.

Beyonce had about 9 nominations at the event. Where one of the nominations was for the song Cuff It. While her album Renaissance was nominated as well. Meanwhile, this year was the 32nd Grammy Awards for her to attend. However, there’s something about the event that’s making Beyonce trending on the internet.


Beyonce late for the 65th Annual Grammy Awards

The first week of February 2023 was something all were waiting for as they wanted to know who’s going to win the Grammys this year. However, Beyonce was nominated for her song albums this time and was late in appearing at the event.

Beyonce at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards won Best R&B song for Cuff It. However, the singer wasn’t there to receive the awards as she came late to the awards. In fact, the host of Grammys 2023 even had to state the reason to all why the singer wasn’t present to receive the awards.

Why was Beyonce late to attend Grammys 2023 that gave netizens to react hilariously on the same?

Beyonce couldn’t be there at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on time to receive her award as she was stuck in the Los Angeles traffic. Trevor Noah mentioned the reason why the artist couldn’t make it to the event on time. This made netizens to even react the same.

Netizens after knowing that Beyonce was late to attend the Grammys 2023 reacted on social media. As memes about Cuff It singer started doing rounds on the internet. One of the users on Twitter wrote “Girl we have ALL given that excuse before”. While memes are on the same trend too.


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