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Bam Margera’s estranged wife files for divorce over non-sober visit

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Bam Margera

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Nicole ‘Nikki’ Boyd filed for divorce from her husband Bam Margera after he met their son while he was seemingly under the influence.

Here is everything you need to know.

Nikki Boyd claims that Bam Margera was not sober while visiting their son 

Nikki Boyd’s attorney David Glass talked to TMZ about his client’s recent filing. 

He said that Boyd filed for divorce from Bam Margera after he visited their 5-year-old, Phoenix, while she was present.

Moreover, Boyd believes that Margera was not sober during his visit and was allegedly acting inappropriately. 

The Jackass star on the other hand claims that he was not drunk during the visit.

In addition, Glass mentioned that this visit was the last straw for Boyd. Despite years of trying to help Margera, Boyd now needs to protect herself and their son.

Glass talked about the divorce during an interview with PEOPLE.


He said, ‘Nikki Margera felt compelled to file for legal separation from her husband, Bam Margera, due to his continuing drug and alcohol abuse, erratic behavior, and due to his failure to provide support for her and their son.’

Bam Margera

Consequently, he added, ‘Nikki has put everything she has into trying to get Bam to stay sober and to trying to preserve her family.’

Meanwhile, it was reported on Wednesday that Boyd has filed for legal separation from Margera.

Additionally, she is citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce and has listed 14th September 2021 as their separation date.

She seeking both legal and physical custody of their son but is allowing Margera to have visitation rights on the condition they happen in Los Angeles County.

Boyd is also requesting to obtain spousal support and wants Margera to pay the expenses.

More about Bam Margera and Nikki Boyd’s relationship

Bam Margera tied the knot with Nikki Boyd in October 2013. She was his second wife following his divorce from Missy Rothstein, to whom he was married from 2007 to 2012.


Boyd released a statement through her attorney following her husband’s rehab stint last year.

She said, ‘We love Bam, both as a husband and father. We pray that he will give it all he has this time at this new rehab facility. So he can complete his treatment and come home to the family that loves him.’

Besides that, Margera’s former Jackass costar Steve-O also recently called him out in a now-deleted Instagram comment.

The 48-year-old admitted that he is bracing for the news of Magera’s untimely death.


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