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Bachelor In Paradise 2021: Are Joe And Serena From Season 7 Still Together?

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Joe And Serena

“Bachelor in Paradise” fans are eager to see Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt getting engage in the Season 7 final season. Yet, the promo for Episode 10 notifies that the couple is not out of trouble. So, how are actually both going to end up? Well, the promo hints to everyone that “History repeats itself”.  

What happened to Serena and Job in Bachelor in Paradise 2021?

When Joe and Serena arrived on the first day in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, He seems to be distracted because he is been in a romance with Kendall Long. Further, he is not sure whether to stay or leave the beach. When Serena starts to talk with him, he eventually changed his mind. 

Eventually, Serena and Joe became a strong couple on the beach. Things got a little awkward when Kendall arrived there. However, Joe assured Serena telling she is the prime concern for him. Subsequently, Kendall left Bachelor in Paradise. So, this seems to be the duo falling in love with each other. Hence, the anticipation will get full satisfaction in the coming episodes. 


Serena and Joe: A serious conversation in the Season 7 Episode 10

In the promo, it is clear that Serena and Joe have a very serious discussion about the future of the two. But, Joe seems to be not interested in conversing about the plans. This is widely seen in the promo. 


Joe And Serena

Serena tells him, We have to make it work. We have to figure out what we are going to do that. 

Furthermore, Joe looking at his partner while she is telling Joe about this. So, will this be a downfall of these two? Previously, Kendall and Joe revealed that they broke up with each other because of Logistics. As, Joe wants to go back to Chicago, but Kendall wants to live in LA nearby her family. Also, Serena is from Canada. So now, Joe and Serena have to discuss their further relationship in Bachelor in Paradise and also further than that.

Joe and Serena engaged in the finale?

The rest of Joe and Kendall’s love story is unfolding. As always, fans have to watch, as it is airing on ABC. The BIP spoiler reveals that they have a solid plan and the couple is going to be “Just Fine”. 

On June 30, Steve of “Reality” claims to be Serena and Joe got to engage in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Finale. Also, in July, the franchise blogger confirms with a photo saying Joe and Serena are still together. 

The final episodes are coming up. Hence, whatever happens in “Bachelor in Paradise”, is going to be worth watching. This is sole because of the continuing Joe and Serena’s journey. Get ready every Tuesday to anticipate more from the duo. 


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