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Austin McBroom Makes a Comeback: Announces Return to Boxing Ring After Indefinite Break

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Austin McBroom

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Austin McBroom has announced his comeback in the boxing ring after he lost his match against AnEsonGib. Ever since Austin lost the match and took a break to be with his family. His fans have been curious to know when he would come back. Well, luckily now the announcement is right here from him about his plans.

Read ahead to know more about Austin McBroom making a comeback in the boxing ring.

Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib match

Boxing matches between any of the fighters are a delight for the fans. Well in the year 2022, a lot of important matches took place. Including the one that was scheduled to happen between Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib.

But even that didn’t happen in a go as due to an injury of AnEsonGib the match was shifted to another date. However, there the win went in favor of AnEsonGib. Which eventually made Austin McBroom take a break from boxing to be with his family for some time.


Austin McBroom announces returning to the boxing ring

Well, as fans have been curious after the indefinite hiatus of Austin McBroom from the boxing ring. It was recently when he announced that he is all set to return to the boxing ring and fans are excited to know about the same. However, he has some changes there too.

The announcement about his comeback came via a YouTube video. Where he also shared about his bout with AnEsonGib. As he went on to tell everyone that he was sick on the night of the match with Gib.McBroom also found that he was covid positive with a temperature of about 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Austin McBroom doesn’t want to involve Social Gloves in his matches now

Apart from the comeback Austin McBroom has announced something more. And it says that his upcoming matches won’t involve Social Gloves. As he wants to continue and go on as a fighter and not as a businessman. He further said that he has signed with some other promotional company.

While he is to fight in Europe this year a few times. He didn’t say more than that as he didn’t reveal any further information on his matches. That has already made all his fans curious to know as what’s coming up and whom Austin is going to fight next.


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