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Ariana Grande Reflects on Her Nickelodeon Past Amid ‘Quiet On Set’ Allegations

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Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande has recently opened up about her experiences on Nickelodeon during an appearance on the podcast “Podcrushed,” hosted by Penn Badgley, who starred in her music video for “The Boy Is Mine.” Grande discussed her time on the network in light of the disturbing allegations revealed in the docuseries “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.”

Before becoming a global pop icon, Grande was a prominent figure on Nickelodeon, starring in shows like “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat.” The docuseries, which aired on Investigation Discovery, brought to light various allegations of inappropriate behavior and a toxic environment on sets, including those of Nickelodeon shows. These revelations have prompted Grande to re-evaluate her own experiences.

Ariana Grande expressed her mixed feelings about her time on Nickelodeon, noting that she is currently “reprocessing” her relationship with the network. She mentioned that some of the scenes she participated in as a teenager now make her uncomfortable. She reflected on the humor used in “Victorious,” admitting that while the cast thought it was edgy and cool at the time, she now views some of it with discomfort.

“Specifically about our show, I think that was something that we were convinced was the cool thing about us – is that we pushed the envelope with our humor,” Grande shared. “And the innuendos were… it was like the cool differentiation. And I don’t know, I think it just all happened so quickly and now looking back on some of the clips I’m like, ‘Damn, really? Oh s**t’…and the things that weren’t approved for the network were snuck onto like our website or whatever.”

Clips from her Nickelodeon days, featuring suggestive content such as Grande sucking her toe, attempting to “milk” a potato, and spilling water on herself while lying on a bed, have resurfaced online, adding to her unease. Ariana Grande expressed her disappointment about these scenes and the overall environment depicted in “Quiet on Set.”

In response to these revelations, Grande has called for mandatory mental health support for child actors on set. She emphasized the need for a safer working environment for children in the entertainment industry. “I think the environment needs to be made safer if kids are going to be acting, and I think there should be therapists,” Ariana Grande stated. “I think parents should be allowed to be wherever they want to be, and I think not only on kids’ sets. If anyone wants to do this, or music, or anything at this level of exposure, there should be in the contract something about therapy being mandatory twice a week or thrice a week, or something like that.”


Grande’s reflections come as other former Nickelodeon stars also speak out. Victoria Justice, her co-star on “Victorious,” acknowledged in an interview with Marie Claire that while her overall experience was positive, there were times she felt unfairly treated. Jennette McCurdy, Grande’s co-star on “Sam & Cat,” detailed her negative experiences in her memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”

Nickelodeon responded to the allegations by stating their commitment to creating a safe and professional workplace. They noted that they investigate all formal complaints and have implemented numerous safeguards over the years. Dan Schneider, the producer at the center of many allegations, has apologized for his behavior and suggested removing inappropriate content from reruns.

Grande’s candid discussion on “Podcrushed” highlights the ongoing need for reform in the entertainment industry, particularly in how it handles and protects its youngest members. Her call for better mental health support and safer environments underscores the importance of these changes to prevent future exploitation and harm.


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