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Andrew Scott to Voice Steamy New Audio Series ‘The Queen’s Guard,’ Fans Are Thrilled

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Andrew Scott

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Andrew Scott voices ‘The Queen’s Guard’ in a steamy new audio series on Quinn. Fans eagerly anticipate its release on May 16.

Andrew Scott, known for his unforgettable role as the “Hot Priest” in Fleabag, is taking on a new and raunchy challenge. The talented actor has signed up to voice the lead character in The Queen’s Guard, an erotic audio series created by Quinn, an app specializing in audio erotica. Fans of both Scott and the genre are eagerly anticipating what promises to be his most provocative role yet.

The Queen’s Guard: A New Frontier in Audio Erotica

The Queen’s Guard is set in the realm of horny historical fiction and features Scott as Robb the Protector. While the plot details remain under wraps, the anticipation is palpable. Quinn, known for its diverse categories including “butt stuff”, “non-binary voice”, and “daddy”, ensures that this series will cater to a wide array of erotic tastes.

In a teaser clip shared by Quinn, Andrew Scott can be seen walking through a whitewashed room, dressed in a luxurious silk blue ensemble. His voice, described as “so smoky it could cause bronchitis,” delivers a tantalizing excerpt from the series:

“Look at you,” he begins. “Look at how beautifully your body bears the marks of everything you’ve been through. I could worship every one of them.”

Scott’s sultry delivery is sure to captivate listeners, just as his performance in Fleabag did. He assures fans that The Queen’s Guard will meet all their expectations and more, teasing that it includes plenty of fantasy and historical fiction elements that his audience will love.

Fan Reactions: Excitement and Anticipation

The announcement has set social media abuzz with fans expressing their excitement and planning some personal time for the series’ release. One fan exclaimed, “I screamed so loud I frightened my neighbors,” while another humorously added, “I fear I let out a whistle note only dogs can hear.”

The anticipation is so high that some fans predict a spike in demand for medical appointments due to repetitive strain injuries. “Carpal tunnel doctor appointments about to go through the roof,” joked a fan. Others speculated about a resurgence in Fleabag’s popularity, anticipating a renewed interest in Andrew Scott’s iconic role as the “Hot Priest.”

The Queen’s Guard will be available on Quinn starting May 16. This series not only marks a bold new direction for Andrew Scott but also showcases the innovative storytelling that Quinn is known for in the realm of audio erotica. With Scott’s magnetic voice and the promise of a gripping, historical narrative, The Queen’s Guard is set to be a major hit among fans of the genre.

As listeners prepare for the release, one thing is certain: Andrew Scott’s voice will soon be synonymous with their most tantalizing fantasies.


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