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Adin Ross Rages: Threatens Legal Action Against Citrus Over OBS Glitch Fiasco

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Adin Ross

Adin Ross threatens legal action against former assistant and Kick streamer, Citrus, after OBS glitch during a reaction video causes frustration.

Controversial internet personality Adin Ross has found himself in yet another conflict, this time threatening legal action against his former assistant and current Kick streamer, Citrus. The situation unfolded on May 14, 2024, when Ross experienced technical difficulties during a livestream, which he attributed to Citrus.

Technical Glitches Spark Legal Threats

While reacting to trending videos, Adin Ross’s OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) began to glitch, causing visible irritation. Seeking assistance, Ross’s associate suggested that the issue might be related to Kick, the streaming platform Ross uses. Ross’s frustration was evident as he exclaimed:

“Yo, I’m not even joking… what is going on?! It’s Kick? Somebody is going to get raped tonight. So, who the fk is… no, no, I don’t mean that physically. I mean, like, yo, what’s going on? (The livestream fades to black) St, bro! What happened? Why am I black now? So is it toolkit or Kick?”


The situation escalated when Ross claimed that these technical difficulties began after Citrus was fired. He then explicitly threatened legal action:

“Citrus, I just want to say one thing – I haven’t had these many technical difficulties since you got fired. I’m going to have to sue you. I’m getting sued by four different people right now. You’re going to get sued for interfering with my business. So, fk off. Stop booting my IP. Stop doing this weird st. I’m not dumb, all right? I’m not a fking idiot! Do I look like a rerd? No!”

Adin Ross and Legal Woes

Adin Ross’ threat to sue Citrus comes amidst ongoing legal challenges he is already facing. On April 12, 2024, Ross revealed that he was being sued by a photographer over the alleged leaking of a picture of Playboi Carti. Ross defended himself by stating:

“I’m getting sued by the guy who took a picture of Carti in a thong and he’s saying that I am the one who leaked the picture when TMZ and s**t posted it. On god, bro, all I did was react to it.”

Adin Ross further mentioned that “eight people” were currently attempting to sue him, and he indicated that the photographer was looking to settle:

“Hop in the back of the line. There are, like, eight people trying to sue me right now. He said, ‘I would appreciate if you can try to make it right.’ You’re not settling with me, bro, you’re not going to win. I pay my lawyers too f**king good.”

Adin Ross’ latest legal threat against Citrus highlights the ongoing drama and turmoil surrounding the controversial streamer. While Ross is dealing with multiple lawsuits, his allegations against Citrus add another layer of complexity to his legal battles. The outcome of these disputes remains uncertain, but it’s clear that Ross is prepared to take aggressive action to protect his business interests.


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