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Alexa Nikolas speaks against the reboot of Zoey 101

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Alexa Nikolas



Alexa Nikolas is speaking against Nickelodeon’s decision to reboot Zoey 101. She claims that it feels like a slap in the face to the victims who allegedly suffered at the hands of the children’s network.

Here is everything you need to know.

Alexa Nikolas protest against Zoey 101 reboot

TMZ recently caught up with Alexa Nikolas while she was protesting outside the headquarters of Nickelodeon in Burbank. 

Moreover, Nikolas gave a brief interview where she explained that she was traumatized while filming Zoey 101. 

In addition, she talked about the misgivings she has towards the original cast members featured in the reboot version.

Nikolas went on to share that the possible production of the Zoey 101 reboot disregards the claims of victims who have come forward to speak about their alleged abuse.

Additionally, she stated that the reboot of the hit show is most likely sending a poor message to not only the survivors of Nickelodeon but also to everyone around the world.

Nicklaus did not hide her contempt for those who are involved in the upcoming show. She mentioned that these people are supporting a channel that gave her childhood trauma.

Furthermore, Nikolas said that she hoped that her former co-stars would protest with her against Nickelodeon’s decision. If not she hoped that they would at least support her for speaking out. 

However, Nikolas adds that she now just wishes that they will speak up for survivors as well as for safe working conditions.

Alexa Nikolas is not holding back her contempt for Zoey 102 revival

Alexa Nikolas shared her feelings following the announcement that Zoey 101’s sequel movie reportedly titled, Zoey 102.

She took to her social media account to weigh in on the news.

Nikolas began with, ‘Take note of people in this industry that do not advocate publicly nor privately to create safer environments by even simply supporting individuals close to them that have bravely come forward. Birds of a feather. Flock together.’


She added in a follow-up tweet, ‘Do NOT support a network that can’t even take accountability especially when it comes to CHILDREN. That is beyond low.’

Nikolas detailed her experience working with Zoey 101 creator Dan Schneider during her appearance on the Real Pod podcast in October

She said, ‘Whenever I had wardrobe fittings, [Schneider] always had to be in them. Thank God there was a curtain, but he was literally on a chair right outside of the curtain. I had to wear very short skirts.’


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