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2023 Oscars photographer faces backlash for allegedly touching Lady Gaga’s waist without consent

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A 2023 Oscars photographer was criticized for appearing to touch Lady Gaga waist without her consent. Lady Gaga – born Stefanie Germanotta – helped a shooter up after he fell on the champagne carpet in a now-viral video. A photog who has not yet been identified stood up and patted Gaga twice on the back and hips, apparently earning a glare from her. Over a million people have viewed the video since it was posted on Twitter that night. In the caption, she is VERY pissed off because he touched her waist like that and she looks very angry because of it. Why is no one saying anything about that? In order to help that man, she ran and he basically slapped her butt area???? I feel bad for her.

She looked down in shock. A writer lashed out at men for not realizing what this means to women. An example of how many of us just turn around a deal. With hot red lipstick and eyeliner artistry, the songwriter, singer, and actress walked the red carpet wearing Versace and diam onds. A few minutes later, Lady Gaga appeared on stage without makeup, wearing a black t-shirt, ripped black jeans, and Converse sneakers. As she delivered a soulful and acoustic rendition of “Hold My Hand,” she prefaced the performance with a musing about the importance of showing up for others as well as for yourself.


Internet Criticized The Oscars Photographer For Appearing To Touch Lady Gaga Waist At The Red Carpet

During the 2023 Oscars, a photographer was accused of touching Lady Gaga’s waist without consent. During a now-viral clip, Gaga helped a shooter up on the champagne carpet after he fell. An unidentified photog stood up and patted Gaga’s back and hips two times, apparently earning him a glare from the singer. More than a million people have viewed the video since it was posted to Twitter that night. One user tweeted that this is why you just laugh at men’s failures and don’t help them. Another user slammed men for not realizing what this means to us. Nevertheless, other Twitter users weighed in with their observations as well. Other tweeters, however, weighed in with their own observations. According to one user alongside a slowed-down version of the video, she is clearly looking down at whatever that lady is picking up. According to another commenter, he was literally in the middle of standing up from a fall and reached out to the person who was helping him. The amount of work you guys do is too much.

Lmao, she just wanted to help and he harassed her and slammed another user. She wore Versace and diamonds along with eyeliner artistry and red lipstick on the red carpet. Later, Lady Gaga performed without make-up, wearing a black t-shirt, ripped black jeans, and Converse. While she sat and sang “Hold My Hand,” she wore intricate tattoos that were outlandish accompaniments to her soulful and acoustic performance. Lady Gaga co-wrote the song on the soundtrack for Top Gun: Maverick, which Rolling Stone describes as a “power ballad.” In her performance, she paid tribute to Tony Scott, the director of the original Top Gun film, who committed suicide in 2012. The song was nominated for Best Original Song. She emphasizes the inherent vulnerability of human beings in her lyrics. We are reassured that being an individual does not mean being isolated. Our demons remind us that wanting someone to stand beside us when we face them is not a weakness.


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