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Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Tickets, Price, Dates, and Where to buy?

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Taylor Eras Tour



Taylor Swift is coming with her much-awaited “Eras Tour” and we have her fans excited to know that. Well, Taylor Swift is always awaited by her fans to perform live. While with the Eras Tour of her this time fans will get that happen again. Meanwhile, the drop in the ticket prices of the tour is something you shouldn’t miss.

Read ahead to know more about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023 and all the updates on the same.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023 dates announced

It’s always a delight for Taylor Swift fans to watch her perform live whenever possible. This time with Eras Tour of Swift there’s going to be something special for the fans too. As you can now note down the dates of the tour.

The Eras Tour is to begin on 17th March and will continue till 9th August 2023. The whole dates and venues list has been out for all. As we get this Eras Tour to take Swift across the US this time. So, don’t miss to join the fun with the Love Story singer.

What’s going to be special about Eras Tour 2023?

The Eras Tour of Taylor Swift is to begin on 17th March 2023 at Glendale. While eventually, it will take Swift to perform in Las Vegas, Arlington, Tampa, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Foxborough, East Rutherford, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, Santa Clara, Inglewood.

Thus you are going to have a great time with Taylor Swift this year. While we also got to know about drop in the prices of the tickets for the tour of her. Well, we have the updates on the tickets as well right here. So, don’t miss to check that out too.

Tickets details for Eras Tour 2023 of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift tour tickets are often high-priced. But this time with the Eras tour of her in 2023 we have the prices of the tickets dropping. With the tour just around the corner. We are having everyone keen to grab their tickets for the same.


Excluding the fees, you can have the tickets for the Eras tour to be available for $176 (March 17th show). $164 for the March 18th show while for the 24th March and 25th March the prices of the tickets are $284 and $325 respectively. You can find the rest of the prices on the ticketing platforms for detailed information.


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