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Who is Jikishi? Minecraft Streamer Kicked From Dream’s SMP Server

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Jikishi’s invitation to Minecraft streamer Dream’s private SMP server was short-lived. After a flood of claims against him arose on social media. Jikishi was banned from the server just 48 hours later.

After he admitted sexually charged interaction with underage females Along with allegedly asking for and receiving pornographic media from them.

Jikishi, Who Is He?

Jikishi, alias Demetrius, is a Minecraft broadcaster and YouTuber who specializes in Minecraft pack reviews

and releases, according to his YouTube page.

The streamer is currently generating headlines, according to sources, as a result of several grooming charges leveled against him.


Dream’s SMP server is far distant from Jikishi

Jikishi joined the Dream SMP on October 23rd, just a few days before being removed on October 25th,

according to Dream Team Wiki.

The Dream SMP, or Dream Crew SMP, is a private Minecraft server maintained by the ‘Dream Team’

(Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and SapNap).

The dream claimed to meet Jikishi through a Twitch stream.

Jikishi was sacked by popular streamer Dream, according to insiders,

when a series of grooming claims leveled against the Minecraft YouTuber. Several people, according to accounts, were ahead of the game on Twitter with accusations.


What Exactly happened?

Jikishi, accused of a variety of wrongdoings.

Eron was the first one who claimed the allegations. Stated that she has known Jikishi since she was 13 years old. And he had made sexual moves toward her over the years, sending and asking intimate images.

She said in her statement, which includes screenshots of their interactions. The streamer would routinely request nude images from her and speak to her about graphic topics. when she alleged they swapped graphic images,

she was between the ages of 14 and 15, and Jikishi was between the ages of 19 and 20. Eron also alleged that when she was 15, the streamer sought to set up a face-to-face encounter with her.

“I would’ve been 15, while he was 20, alone at a hotel with a man who said if we had met up that summer, he would *try* not to make sexual advances on me,” Eron wrote.

Despite her “sexual indifference in him,” she explained that the conversations continued until she was 16 years old. She didn’t, however, turn off contact since she didn’t want to lose a buddy. She eventually banned his connections and chose to tell her story in the hopes of preventing other young women from falling victim to him.


Dream notifies Jikshi’s elimination

In the midst of the online Jikishi saga, Dream used his own Twitter account, @dreamsecretclub, to confirm the removal.

“Eliminated Demetrius from the SMP for terrible charges…” Dream tweeted, echoing Dexerto.

“Won’t ever let things like these stop me from trying to empower individuals of the area,” the message continued. It contributes to the pleasant atmosphere in our area. To remain together, be there for those who need it, and always be safe on the internet.”

Jikishi just has to issue a press release or address the allegations leveled against him. On October 25th, he had his final stream.

Jikishi kicked from Dream’s SMP Server after that.


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