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who is BrookeAB? 100 Thieves star receive violent death threats on Instagram

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Instagram: brookeabb


BrookeAB has amassed over 2 million followers across her social media profiles, making her one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch. Although she has a large following online, she has been the target of targeted harassment several times.

BrookeAB receives violent death threats

Despite the number of followers she enjoys online, she has experienced targeted harassment on numerous occasions. Historically, she has reached out to platforms like Twitter to get rid of such behavior. She even claimed the same person who “made death threats every day for two years” harassed her. This led to Brooke leaving social media for a month before acknowledging that her personal information had been exposed in an act of doxing in 2019.

Brooke spoke about the stalking incident in April 2021. Her experience with vicious online attacks has not changed nearly a year later. She shared a screenshot of an emailed violent message. Brooke received death threats in the message. Moreover, the sender was accused of misdeeds toward her boyfriend, Twitch streamer Symfuhny. Fans have frequently complained about Brooke’s relationship, with some accusing him of cheating. That was a claim Symfuhny openly mocked on social media.

BrookeAB begs social media platforms to take action

There was no action on the part of the social media platform. As a result, she took to Twitter to post:

Brooke followed up with an Instagram update a few hours after posting her initial tweet. She shared a screenshot of a support notification stating they won’t remove the poster’s comment due to an abundance of reports. Moreover, their team “hasn’t been able to review this”:

In the wake of Brooke’s latest post, YouTube streaming star Valkyrae has expressed her support for her:

Several Twitter users responded to these tweets. Some expressed their support while others expressed their disbelief that this is still such a constant problem. And has yet to be dealt with properly.

She made her Twitter account private the last time she had this high level of haters. There’s a good chance she will try to escape the situation by taking a break from the internet this time.


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