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Pokimane and xQc get banned in Fortnite for Teaming

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xQc and Pokimane

xQc and Pokimane have been one of the most viewed Twitch streamers however, they were kicked out of the game of Fortnite when they teamed up with enemy players recently. The reaction of getting kicked out although gave the viewers a good scene to watch as they continued the game on the platform later.

Read ahead to know more about xQc and Pokimane getting kicked out from the Pokimane game.

Pokimane & xQc were playing Fortnite game

It was recently when the two popular Twitch streamers Pokimane & xQc were having a few Fortnite games to play with each other. Certainly, as both Pokimane & xQc has wide popularity, the viewers watching the game of the duo were glued to their streams.

However, it was during one of the Fortnite ongoing games that the duo streamers found the enemies to be friendly with them, as they continued the same, their change with the course of the game got them in trouble.

XQc & Pokimane got kicked out of the Fortnite game

During the Fortnite game, xQc took his first action as he was about to slide down the mountains and when he was about to start down the line of players, he was kicked out of the game. Behind him unfortunately Pokimane too got kicked out.

However, the duo at first couldn’t understand what happened. Yet they later realized that they weren’t kicked out of the game via automated means rather they were reported to be kicked out. Hence, the teaming-up idea of the duo streamers failed.

Pokimane & xQc were thankful later

While both Pokimane & xQc initially didn’t understand why they got down the server. They later understood their mistake of teaming with the enemies. However, both Pokimane & xQc were fortunate for not having a permanent ban on the platform.


Also, the duo streamers later played other games and decided they won’t be doing this again or otherwise that would be out off this platform forever. Meanwhile, one of the users on the internet actually posted the video of both the streamer’s side by side to show how they reacted on getting kicked out of the Fortnite game.

Not to miss, Pokimane has had a troublesome experience in the past on Twitch sometimes back. Hopefully, she doesn’t want to have another one again.


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