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Where To Watch Roblox Charli XCX Concert Start and Items

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Roblox Charli XCX



If you are up for something exciting then we bet you are going to love the Roblox Charli XCX concert a lot. Yes, while this Roblox concert was since long in limelight. It’s now out for all as to how and when fans would be able to watch the Roblox Charli XCX concert. So, what can you expect to have from this latest concert that’s arriving this year?

Read ahead to know more about the Roblox Charli XCX concert and its other details.

When to watch the Roblox Charli XCX concert?

While we have previously had Travis Scott and Ariana Grande in video games performing. We now have one more name added to it and it’s Charli XCX. Yes, Charli is up for a concert for the Roblox and fans are literally very excited to watch that. So, yes we do have the timings for the concert and here it is.


The time for the concert to begin is 7 pm EST and that’s on June 17th. Not to miss, this is going to be Charli’s first Metaverse concert. Certainly, there’s going to be fun at the concert for all even virtually. So what’s special about this concert?

What’s going to be exciting about the Roblox Charli XCX concert?

First of all, if you want to watch the Roblox Charli XCX concert then you’ll have to go for downloading Roblox Samsung Superstar Galaxy World. Most importantly, this concert is a part of a five-day-long challenge. That will involve several tasks for the players.

One who will get the highest points on the global board would get a chance to share the stage for the concert with Charli XCX. Players would also be entitled to get rewards during these challenges and concerts.


What’s more, coming up with the Roblox Charli XCX concert?

Apart from enjoying the concert of Roblox Charli XCX. The players would also be able to unlock some inspired items of the pop star performing for the concert. As such players might get to see Z Flip3 at lvl 1, cheerleader top and skirt at lvl 8, and Sunfest Valley Headdress at lvl 11.

Additionally, there would also be UFO Belt at lvl 21, Neo Nashville at lvl 31, Glitchy Boombox at lvl 41, Charli XCX pet at lvl 51, and Charli XCX jetpack at lvl 60. Hence you have a lot of things to enjoy if you are a player of the Roblox especially.


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