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Warzone Halloween Event 2021 Release Date, Game Modes, And In-Game Items

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Warzone Halloween

From the Saw franchise, operator skins are focused on Billy the Puppet, and in 2020 will be included in the game as part of Verdansk’s Halloween-themed event Haunting. Is he going to return? A Warzone Halloween event called The Haunting has been officially confirmed for 2021, though many details remain unknown. However, a source could have simply revealed what to expect from the Halloween update of this year. In 2021, these are all things you could probably expect for the Warzone Halloween event.  That adds its operators,  start time,  and game modes.

TheGhostofHope has a proven track record and has precisely leaked the information about the Vanguard rollout timetable as well as details about upcoming highlights including a strong anti-cheat system.

On October 19 The Haunting will start and will continue till November 2, confirmed by Activision. The release timing is not confirmed so far. But, at 1 p.m. Eastern, the event will go live.

Warzone Halloween

The Haunting Game Modes?

Game modes are still not confirmed for The Haunting by Activision,  they still need to know this. Vanguard Zombies are most likely to reveal.  In October, the full Zombies’ pillar of Vanguard will be revealed by Activision.  Probably there will be a kind of cross-promotion.

According to Activision, The Haunting will feature “new limited-time modes, rewards, and more.” Still,  there is no more information about the event, but it looks like we will figure it out before the event on October 18.

If 2020 is any indication, it will include an especially at-night edition of Verdansk ’84, as well as a limited-time Zombies mode and even different challenges with freaky perks. We do understand that the new Lapa SMG will be linked to The Haunting, so you’ll most likely need to accomplish challenges to open it.

Some ghosts were there around the map,  decorations with pumpkins. Moreover, jump scares when chests were opened, that was in 2020.

Warzone Halloween Operators?

The Haunting can include spooky Operators based on existing franchises, apart from the seasonal game modes and limited-time events. In the Haunting of Verdansk, which was broadcasted in 2020,  we met Billy the Puppet from the Saw series and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Operator packs were spilled by Twitter user ModenasHD on October 6, which confirms the previous news.

These operators may have fresh calling cards, emblems, charms, and other cosmetics such as arms layouts.

We will get to know about it by October, there is no official news about The Warzone All Hallows Eve event.


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