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Warzone Anti-Cheat Has Been Released, said by a Hacker Who Got Hardware Ban

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Warzone has decided to ramp up its anti-cheating techniques. The anti-cheat is a very important aspect of the game, and the gamers are now going crazy, as they are waiting for the feature’s arrival for a long time.

The Call Of Duty: Warzone was released in 2020, and since then it has earned a huge audience. The game is called the best multiplayer shooting game of this era. Activision decided to launch another part of the Call Of Duty series. Call Of Duty: Cold War is the name of the new game. The game will release a third part, Vanguard in 2022.

Recently, in Call Of Duty: Warzone we got a Season 5 update. The game changed many aspects of the game’s features and gameplay. The Gamers got more than needed upgrades, new guns, new characters, etc. but still, the gamers community was sad as no updates were added related to the anti-theft feature. It is now stated that the new anti-theft feature will release with the new map’s release. The new map’s release is due later this year.


The Hacker’s statement about Warzone Anti-Cheat

Raven Software told everyone that the Anti-Theft cheat will come out later this year. They also ramped up the existing Call Of Duty Anti-Theft measures as well. According to a recent TikTok video of a hacker, Raven Software is now putting hardware bans on people who cheat in Call Of Duty: Warzone. This ban makes sure that the computer never starts the game again, not even by adding a different account.


The hacker claims that he is banned. The ban is also implied on his other accounts on the computer. All this sums up the idea that Hardware bans are real. It is still not clear if it is the real anti-theft feature. The game is recently putting the anti-theft features slowly. Players have complained a lot about the Hackers in Warzone for quite some time. The hacker that will get banned with the anti-theft feature will never be able to play the game again. Recently, NICKMERCS was caught hacking and led him to stop playing, and it has even caught many streamers hacking too.

Raven Software is preventing the game from a lot of hackers and also making the game, more playable. The Software has banned 50,000+ players till now. But it can also be seen as a flaw, as few glitches occur while streaming and the software ban their account. The ban stops the game immediately and to resolve the issue, one should contact the company.

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