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Valorant New Map Teased by Developer, Riot Games With Mysterious Image

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Valorant New Map

On 23 August Riot Games revealed an image of a brand new Valorant map. The image showed what could’ve been expected in an upcoming Valorant Map. The Valorant map which has been shared is the seventh Valorant Map. Whereas, it arrives in form of cryptic text and many multiple languages. And the happy part is that the developer is Riot Games shared a new teaser image on what appears to be an upcoming VALORANT map. Where the things can be called Canyon. The developer is asking lovers to decrypt the message.


The design of Valorant

So Basically, the design of Valorant is to instruct that the attackers want to steal Radianite through the spike. The attackers came from different Earth. And this is the reason why both defenders and attackers have similar agents. This is named the mirror-verse theory. And we talk about the new map, we can teaser image. In that image, the structure looks symmetrical and with the help of a blue-colored element.
The blue-colored component in the inner side could be the area where the First Light appeared. And the Radianite generated in just one direction. This could be the middle of the Valorant universe, with mirrored characteristics in both ways with the only distinction being the presence and the absence of Radianite.


New features of Valorant New Map

Also in this new map, one side of the map is green and the other side is deserted. This indicated the lack of Radianite on the other sides. In addition to it, we can also hear the words like Divided worlds. And by listening to this it can be concluded the mirror verse theory also contains the phrase, ‘Divided Worlds’, again, hinting towards the mirror-verse theory.


Perhaps in the newest Map 7, there are two plant sites. Because of this, the question arises that why there is 2 site of the plant because Radianite can be steal from the plant site. Hence the map is a little bit confusing but it has more thrilled for gaming. Players love to play on this map. Well, it can be suggested that the map is having a Kingdom facility. And Radianite can be stock on both sides.

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