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TwitchCon 2022: Twitch Announces Dates, Locations And Other Updates

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TwitchCon 2022

TwitchCon is a bi-yearly festival, is a celebration between creators, streamers on Twitch. This year, TwitchCon 2022 is happening after shelving in 2020.

Twitch is a bi-yearly festival in America &Europe for merrymaking creators and whiz on Twitch, the gaming platform that is going to convene in 2022. The events are stretching from meeting and greeting of panel chats to, Rivals Tournament. The event should have been held in 2020, later gets halted due to COVID-19. In this article, you will know about Twitchcon 2022 event. 

Twitch: an online live streaming platform:

Twitch is card-carrying, especially to gamers. It is the largest live streaming platform that saw a boom in the audience and massive creators join the platform. However, there hold some live broadcast polemic that includes, including banning creators’ accounts due to safeguarding creators and viewers from bullying and hassle on the platform. 


Twitchcon 2022: Know about the locations:

The Bi-annual meet, in general, convenes in two different places. The same thing is occurring in the 2022 event too! The event is occurring in Amsterdam and San Diego. After this pandemic, in Amsterdam, the event is going to happen for the first time. 

Twitchcon 2022: Note down the Dates:

Although, a fixed date is not finalized, yet there is a rough calculation about when the event will happen. The event is all set to happen between July and October 2022. However, the dates are biddable to Covid travel constraints. 

TwitchCon announces the event will take place in Amsterdam in July 2022, and following that In San Diego TwitchCon takes place in October 2022. As we are in a COVID predicament, so their first priority is planning for safety; and abide the rules given in health percepts. About, ticket prices, it is under disclosure. 

TwitchCon 2020:

In 2020 a Twitch greeted 50,000 partners, also 8,550 new partners, and also 548,000 attached to the team. This totals to 1.2 Million affiliates. In a long decade’s history, Twitch has gone through massive growth. 

Moreover, the streaming site tells its viewers to hold up as something interesting coming up in the year 2022. Twitch says as many creators, moderators, viewers joined Twitch in the past year and now they are so thrilled to provide the opportunity to meet the communities that include all the new creators, moderators, and viewers. It tells, be excited to a rip-roaring and live to be part of something awesome that is exclusive and special.


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