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Streamer, Ranboo Comes Out and Post a “/srs” Tweet, What Does It Mean?

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A streamer named Ranboo recently took to Twitter to come out after being skeptical about his sexuality for a long time. His followers have been supporting him and applauding his courageous move. They however were puzzled about the meaning of his “/srs” tweet.

Ranboo is a Twitch and YouTube streamer popularly known for his Minecraft content. He has been ambiguous about his sexuality before and dropped subtle hints here and there for his fans.

The streamer’s latest tweet said, “/srs”.

The term left the fans confused about its meaning.

What does Ranboo’s tweet, “/srs” means?

Ranboo tweeted the phrase “/srs” a few hours after confirming his sexual orientation. The term is believed to mean “serious.”

The tweet is an aspect of gaming language where the gamers use these terms when they don’t have enough time to type out the whole phrase. For instance, they have acronyms such as GLHF (good luck, have fun), GG (good game), along with EZ (easy).


The streamer used the gaming term to confirm his sexual revelation implying that it was neither fake nor a joke.

Ranboo has been suffering from a sore throat so he held a Q&A on his official Twitter handle on 24th April, Sunday.

During the Q&A one of his fans asked him about his sexuality. He responded by sharing some of his old cryptic tweets. One of those tweets read “men”. 

“I mean, how many more clues can I give?”, he continued.

The comment was followed by his fans sharing pride fanarts along with many light-hearted memes on his profile.

The creator further addressed his community for supporting him with another tweet. He mentioned that he won’t be using a label to define his sexual orientation yet. His fans however are free to use the term “gay” to describe his sexuality.


More about Ranboo

Ranboo was born on 2nd November 2003. He resided in the San Francisco Bay Area, US.

Following his graduation from high school, he moved to the UK.

The 18 years old streamer prefers to safeguard his privacy. He hasn’t shared any personal information about him as of yet.

The YouTuber used to sport a pair of dark sunglasses and a mask to cover his face when he went live on social media platforms.

Regardless, he removed his sunglasses last year in November. He supposedly plans to reveal his face when he reaches 5 million subscribers.


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