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Big Hit Music releases an official statement regarding the seizure of Jimin’s apartment

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K-pop band BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music, has finally released a statement amid the recent speculations of the seizure of Jimin’s apartment.

According to the reports, the band member’s apartment was seized due to negligence as well as the non-payment of health insurance premiums.

The agency mentioned, “A portion of the mail was delayed due to a mistake.”

Fans of Jimin’s were left confused when it was revealed that the K-pop idol’s luxury apartment was almost seized due to unpaid health insurance premiums.

The South Korean singer’s managing company, Big Hit Music released an official statement to address the issue. They clarified that it was because of a mistake by them.


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Big Hit Music addresses the issue of Jimin’s apartment being seized due to negligence

On 24th April, Biz Hankook announced that Jimin’s luxury apartment was temporarily seized by the National Health Insurance Service on 25th January 2022.

The reason was revealed to be that the singer did not pay his health insurance premiums.

The Korean idol bought a high-end apartment at Nine One Hannam in Seoul last year in May. It cost was nearly 5.9 billion South Korean Won (approximately $4.7 million).

The media outlet further stated that during the time his apartment was seized Jimin received four separate notices of the seizure by the registered mail.

The seizure was eventually lifted on the 22nd of April when the 26-year-old artist cleared all his overdue health insurance premiums.

Jimin’s agency, Big Hit Music, is now coming forward to address the issue by releasing an official statement. They took the responsibility for the ordeal and stated that it was caused by an error on their end.

According to the statement, Jimin was not aware of the matter. The mails were also not forwarded to him deemed to be an error by the company.


Jimin had a busy schedule with most of his activities scheduled overseas. Hence his letters were overlooked by the agency but they failed to pass the seizure mail to him.

Big Hit Music concluded the statement by apologizing for causing concern. They further took full responsibility for the fiasco.

Jimin on the other hand released his first-ever OST  for the K-drama show, Our Blues. The song is titled With You and features his friend Ha Sung-Woon.

The original soundtrack broke several records including peaking at the first position on the iTunes Top Songs Chart list.


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