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Rockstar Games patched Solo Public Lobbies GTA 5 Online patch 1.56 Update

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It’s a sad day for all the Xbox one GTA 5 players as Rockstar Games patched the public lobby glitch. If you guys aren’t aware there’s been a glitch around for years now known as ‘Test Nat Type Glitch’ that allows you guys to basically your nat type on the Xbox which would basically like everyone out of your free run public session and giving you a public lobby within seconds. Today on the 7th of April, Rockstar Games for some reason have gone ahead and patched this glitch. Me personally as an Xbox player, I’ve been using this glitch for years now to grind out a ton of money in the free room lobby.


Rockstar Games

so it’s a really sad day for all of you guys like myself that used to use this glitch just to grind out some money without and stress of being blown up by oppressors or any griefers. If you aren’t aware Rockstar Games actually already tried to patch this glitch a few weeks ago and it ended up breaking the game on GTA 5 online. It basically just kept on resetting GTA 5 online so you guys couldn’t play a straight consistent game. Of course, Rockstar Games

have only just patched this glitch today. so for all, we know there still could be a ton of issues with GTA 5 on the Xbox One. we will keep you guys updated if we find out anything.


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