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Black Clover Episode 171 will Return? and Expected Release Date

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Black Clover episode 171

Black clover Episode 170 was the last episode of the anime series. There will be no black clover episode 171 because black clover has officially ended. So there won’t be any more new weekly episodes, that is pretty sad because black clover was really getting really good. But the anime was catching up to the source material and that was causing a lot of problems for the studios. So black clover officially ended but black clover

will return with a movie. The movie has been confirmed and already in production, it is canon to the story. So, there might not be weekly episodes like it’s used to be but we still get some weekly episodes and as soon as we get more than enough source material. I believe that’ll probably make it a long-running series again or they’ll make it’s a seasonal series like My Hero Academia. So episode 171 will not be released but we’ll get a movie.

If the anime return with black clover episode 171, it will most likely return in 2 years. Because usually, an anime is announced after the manga

reaches around 100 chapters, and anime release a few months later. This implies that the manga series must build a distance of 100 chapters to the anime in order for the production of anime series. Black clover manga is currently only 17 chapters ahead of where the anime ends with episode 170.


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