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Rlcraft Version 2.9 Beta Out: Steps To Download and Install Rlcraft 2.9

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Rlcraft version 2.9

Shivaxi releases Rlcraft version 2.9 Beta on his discord server. Just in time for the launching of the new RLcraft version, a test server for the beta version of RLcraft has been published! The main server, which can be found at ‘,’ coexists alongside this one.

With the RL meaning for Real Life or Realism, RLCraft represents all that Minecraft users have always wanted in terms of sheer survival, exploration, role-playing games, and immersion. It’s based on RLCoop, an Unreal mod that usually accomplishes the same thing. Many mods, including bespoke scripts for various vanilla behavior adjustments, were hand-selected and fine-tuned to match the particular play style.

About Rlcraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, with a thriving modding community. RLCraft is a Minecraft mod pack that includes over 100 modules. The RL stands for “Real Life” or “Realism,” and this modpack’s purpose is to be extremely challenging. RLCraft does the same but increases the difficulty to the point where the game is practically unjustly punishing. RLCraft is a mod pack that brings together a number of distinct modules into a single package. As a result, it incorporates over 120 add-ons from other modders, such as a thirst meter, slowed health regeneration, and a leveling system with abilities and perks, among other things. In addition, RLCraft includes new monsters and perils, making survival incredibly difficult.

Rlcraft version 2.9

Despite the fact that this mod pack is intentionally meant to deliver a high level of challenge, some players may find it too difficult. Fortunately, a number of other modders have produced online guides to assist you in your RLCraft endeavors.

Steps To Download Rlcraft version 2.9 BETA

RLCraft is available as a free download because the entire modpack is available for free. Although you can install it yourself, it will require various changes to the file code, thus it is only recommended if you are confident in your abilities to do so.

One of the reasons for this is that RLCraft takes approximately 4GB of RAM to work effectively. If you wish to avoid any issues, the designer recommends installing the mod pack through a dedicated launcher like Curseforge.

RLCraft is a game for Minecraft users that wish to put in a lot of effort to attain their objectives. It’s not impossible that unskilled players would lose a lot of games before making significant progress, but that’s the aim of this mod pack.

Rlcraft version 2.9


Rlcraft v2.9 Dev Build 6 Client:

Rlcraft v2.9 Dev Build 6 Server:

Source: Shivaxi Discord Server: Invite Link

Install Instructions:

The CurseForge launcher is required to use the client version. Install by going to Create Custom Profile and selecting this zip file once it has finished downloading. Ignore the server version if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Some issues with it:

-Quests are still unfinished -Sites are still unfinished

-Recurrent Complex lightweight mode isn’t on, so don’t worry about it

-Sampler was tucked away in the modifications folder, so don’t worry about it

-Cauldron support with purified water is finnicky and unfinished


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