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Foundation Episode 9 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, and Recap

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Foundation Episode 9

Salvor might take harsh measures in response to the void course’s growing strength in Foundation Season 1 Episode 9. Brother Day previously celebrated a success just on the program as he completed the difficult road he had set out on. Brother Day’s presents were lost for the first time after the Spiral asked a lot of questions. That is to say, he will experience suffering just like any other human being. So he went ahead and made a buddy, but he lost the rest of the folks who had gone out together with him. He finished his quest with a falsehood, despite a long trek.

Foundation Season 1 Episode 8: Recap

Earlier, we started Foundation Season 1 with a recap on Anacreon. We are seeing a young Phara who now has lost a buddy since the Empire has declared war on them. Now flash forward to the current, when she is giving Salvor the very same narrative. She admits that she is dragging the battle to them because of the Empire’s fury.

So she will not really mind being a hero in the process, as long as Planet Trantor is destroyed. However, Gaal starts to have doubts regarding Hari’s enhanced capabilities, whereas Brother Day embarks on his voyage to the Spiral.

Foundation Episode 9
Lou Llobell and Jared Harris in “Foundation,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Phara and Salvor, the latter going to describe how they will not be able to fight the Kingdom until after an automated gun fires at them. Phara instructs Salvor to act as the lure in order to acquire it. Brother Day came home and informed his relatives about just the triple petal flowers that had appeared on his head after he sipped the water. That is to say, our planet has a chance of surviving.

Dermezel, on the other hand, sees through the story and doubts Halima’s murder. As a result, Brother Day returns to Trantor. Throughout it all, Gaal’s need to learn all drives her to split ways with Hari and travel to Synnax in Cryosleep.

Foundation Season 1 Episode 9: Spoilers

“The First Crisis” is the title of Foundation Season 1 Episode 9. According to the original summary of the episode, following defeating Phara on Invictus. Salvor could discover herself again on the terminal, watching the null field expand. In the meantime, it seems that Brother Dawn is prepared to make a risky decision.

Foundation Episode 9
Sasha Behar in “Foundation,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Besides that, Brother Day’s secrets may be jeopardized because Dermezel has discovered all of his lyings. As he gulped the water through the womb of his mother, he didn’t notice whatsoever. He was unfamiliar to his mother. He would now allude to the very same sight Dermezel used to have when she embarked on her excursion years ago.


Foundation Season 1 Episode 9: Release Date and Time

Foundation Episode 9 is going to release on November 12, 2021, at 12 AM EDT on Apple TV Plus. The Title of Foundation Episode 9 is “The First Crisis“. And the Episode is directed by Roxann Dawson and written by Victoria Morrow.

Here are all the various release times dependent on your standard time.

  • 12 AM ET in USA and Canada
  • 5 AM BST in UK
  • 8 AM GST in UAE
  • 9:30 AM IST in India
  • 12 PM SGT in Singapore
  • 1 PM JST in Japan
  • 2 PM AEST in Australia

Where to Watch?

The ninth episode of Season 1 of Foundation will indeed be available on Apple TV+. Foundation’s first season seems to be just one episode away from the end. So, after the ninth episode, expect a major episode the coming Friday, which will conclude Foundation Season 1.


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