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Minecraft YouTuber Dream React on #HESUGLY Trending On Twitter after Face Reveal

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Dream Face reveal (6)

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The face reveals of Youtuber Dream have begun a trend on Twitter with the hashtag #HESUGLY. Well, for a long, Dream has been going popular on the internet especially as fans of him were curious to know what he looked like. Hopefully they got to know recently this month. But it seems that a negative trend has begun to post that.

Read ahead to know more about Youtuber Dream’s face reveal brings a new trend of #HESUGLY on Twitter.

YouTuber Dream and his fame

Among so many Youtubers we had some of them going popular without actually revealing their identity. As we had the famous YouTuber Dream doing so. Dream has been famous as a Minecraft creator on YouTube with millions of fans.

Well, with a good number of followers of him on YouTube and other platforms. He has been always wearing a mask to cover his face that never made anyone see how he looked like. But, post so many years he recently promised all that he would show his face.

Youtuber Dream revealed his face

With 30 million fans of Dream long waiting to see his face. The day finally came on 2nd October this year when the popular Youtuber revealed his face to all. Hopefully, when the YouTuber took off his mask. Fans of his got to see him for the first time.

However, some of his friends had already seen him while doing a FaceTime with him. Though, all those who were waiting for this day finally got to see Dream. As they quite liked the look of the YouTuber. But it seems not everyone is happy with his look.

Twitter begins #HESUGLY trend after Dream’s face reveal

Everyone is really curious about the face reveal of Youtuber Dream. We saw not everyone was happy with the way Dream looked. Despite the simple and sweet look of the YouTuber. Some Twitter users have given rise to a trend of #HESUGLY.

Dream Face

But despite the hate-on-face reveal of Dream, he recently in an interview with Bloomberg spoke about it. As he said that when he was asked by his friends if he was okay or not. He said “I got texted by so many friends of mine being like, “Are you ok?” I was like, well, yeah, when you have 30 million eyeballs on you, a million, two million are going to be making jokes or be mean or are not great people”.


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