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Meet Sykkuno The internet’s friendliest streamer who’s making YouTube a nicer place

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Sykkuno, the streamer is gaining immense popularity everywhere and viewers think he’s making YouTube a better place for him. Well, while Twitch and YouTube are making streamers go popular in no time. Sykkuno is a streamer who is different a lot from others. But why is everyone liking Sykkuno so much?

Read ahead to know more about Sykkuno, the streamer, and viewers loving him.

Who is Sykkuno?

Sykkuno is popularly known as the live streamer who gained popularity from the streaming platform Twitch. While he is young and talented. He is liked by many for his calm and composed behavior as a star on the streaming platform. Sykk has even got a lot of fans and viewers attracted to him.

However, now he is arriving on YouTube to be leaving Twitch for another contract. He left OfflineTV house to be later with Valkyrae. Yet now he is gaining popularity over numerous things including his manners which makes him a lot different than other streamers.


Sykkuno moving from Twitch to YouTube gaming

Lately, the young streamer held the third anniversary on Twitch where he announced that he is moving to YouTube. While he played Minecraft with his friends lately before the announcement to move to YouTube. Valkyrae even said that she was crying during the stream with Sykkuno.

As Sykkuno is on contract to be at YouTube. He at the end of the last stream said thanks to all his fans and viewers for supporting him on Twitch. Not to miss, the fans of the live streamer did give a reaction to him leaving the Twitch. Though now his fans can have him on YouTube.


Fans’ reaction To Sykkuno leaving Twitch

Twitch gives a good platform to many gaming streamers. We had YouTube inviting a lot of streamers. As such we even got Sykkuno added to the list on YouTube. Though Sykkuno’s fans were sad that he was leaving Twitch. But they were happy to have him on YouTube.

Meanwhile, the calm and composed nature of the streamer actually attracts a lot of fans towards him. In fact his fans are proud of his journey so far as a streamer and the success he got from his dedication. Fellow streamers too have congratulated Sykkuno on his new journey on YouTube.


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